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Capacity check based on weight per pallet and number of pallets in a bin

Hi All,

I have a requirement from the business where they would like to disallow the placement of pallets greater than a certain weight in bins above a particular level in the racks.

For example, the racks are 11 high. The requirement is to disallow any single pallet with weight exceeding 1000KG to be placed in level 9 and above. However, 2 pallets with 800KG can be placed in the same bin. The reason for this is that the issue is not that the bin itself cannot hold the load, rather that the forklift becomes unstable lifting a weight more than 1000KG above level 8. So pallets of 1000KG can be placed freely from level 1 to level 8, but not level 9 and above. On a single pallet, 800 - 1200KG of material can be placed, just that >1000KG pallet will not be allowed in certain bins.

I have already gone through the weight and capacity checks at the bin level, as well as the 'neutral' checks. None of them seem to fulfill exactly what I'm looking for. This requirement is not tied to a specific material, nor can it be directly tied to any specific storage unit types that we are using. The total weight in the bin cannot be restricted, because if the maximum weight is specified as 800KG, then multiple pallets cannot be placed in the bin. If 1600KG is defined, then the system will allow 1 pallet of 1000KG or greater to be placed in the bin.

As a general aside, storage unit type check is also activated for the storage types in question.

The only thing I can currently think of is to control by storage unit type - dis-allow a particular storage unit type in a specific storage type, but that would entail significant extra administrative effort, not to mention will deviate from the physical process, as in both instances the pallet type being used is the same. The last resort would be to consider some sort of development, but ideally I would like to avoid this altogether. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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