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HTTP request failed after OData update() method


I have a strange issue - after I use update() method of the sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel class, I can't make read() from the OData model.

I use Northwind OData service, V2.

I can do as much read() actions as I want - everything works fine.

But after I update() for the first time after the page is loaded and try to make read(), I get the following error:

GET https://webidetesting<appname here>-<account name here>…iexfh2tyudc5p4qhx5gdf))/OData/OData.svc/Products?$filter=(Rating%20eq%201) 500 (Internal Server Error)

HTTP Status 500 - HTTP protocol error occurred while connecting to remote host

When I reload the page and make read(), I can see that the update was successful.

Here is my update() method:





                merge: true,

                async: false,

                success: function(){ 



                error: function(oError){ 






Any ideas why this may happen?

Thank you.

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