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After update to BPA: System-Processes don't reschedule (JCS-102016)

Hi Guys,

after having successfully updated one of our Scheduler instances to V9, we did another update today on our Test-Machine.

For currently four "System"-processes, we get the following Error (in two OP-Messages):


Rescheduling of new process for recurrence failed for process System_ProcessKeepClauses with latest process 6,213,248. The queue that it must be submitted to does not have a resource that is required to run it; fix this first. If already fixed, do you want to retry?


Work failed because of exception when rescheduling job group for job 126338318
JCS-102016: Cannot prepare non-current copy of process definition: Process Definition System_ProcessKeepClauses (Copy from 2009/09/24 16:43:51,357 MET)
  at com.redwood.scheduler.model.method.impl.JobDefinitionMethodImpl.prepareInt(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.model.JobDefinitionImpl.prepareInt(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.model.method.impl.JobGroupMethodImpl.createJobInt(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.model.JobGroupImpl.createJobInt(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.core.JobGroupUpdater$PresubmitJobsIterator.getNext(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.core.JobGroupUpdater$PresubmitJobsIterator.<init>(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.core.JobGroupUpdater.rescheduleAll(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.core.JobGroupUpdater.rescheduleJobGroup(
at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.rescheduleJobGroup(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.access$3(
at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor$3.performWork(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.apiint.model.UnitOfWorkManager.perform(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.apiint.model.UnitOfWorkManager.perform(
at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.rescheduleJobGroup(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.rescheduleJobGroupRetry(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.execute(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.ActionWorker.doWork(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.ActionWorker.doWork(

The following Processes are affected:

  • System_UpdateJobStatistics
  • System_DeleteJobFiles
  • System_Ignored_Alert_Reporter
  • System_ProcessKeepClauses

The processes in the Monitor have an old ProcessDefinition, they all seem to have been updated by the "System_Upgrade" Process, after updating the Scheduler.

Since these are System-Processes, we cannot reschedule them, neither can we select the fitting SubmitFrame when trying to schedule them anew.

We tried rebooting the System several times, always with new OP-Messages, reading the Error above.

How can we solve this ASAP, we plan on updating our production system this Sunday, unless we can't fix this.

Thank you!



Our BPA-Version is

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