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Error - Java instance doesn´t start


I´m facing one error when I start the Java side of our BW system. This is BW 7.31 with two SAP independent instances, one ABAP and the other JAVA.

I did a heterogeneous system copy of both instances and now, in the new server, the Java instance doesn´t start!

The ABAP is fine, I start the ABAP system without problems, but the Java system doesn´t start, it show me a yellow color in jstart.EXE process as you can see in the following image:

I checked some log files and I see in dev_server0 the following error:


M [Thr 5240] Wed Oct 21 17:47:35 2015

M  [Thr 5240] NiInit3: NI already initialized; param 'maxHandles' ignored (init=2;par=32768;cur=2048)

J Wed Oct 21 17:47:38 2015

J  9.492: [GC 9.492: [ParNew: 1051044K->78165K(1223040K), 0.0763132 secs] 1051951K->79072K(4019584K), 0.0764528 secs] [Times: user=0.39 sys=0.05, real=0.08 secs]

M [Thr 5200] Wed Oct 21 17:47:42 2015

M  [Thr 5200] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPConnect2: connect (10013: WSAEACCES: Permission denied) [nixxi.cpp 3283]

M  [Thr 5200] *** ERROR => NiPConnect2: SiPeekPendConn failed for hdl 25/sock 7448

    (SI_ECONN_REFUSE/10013; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp    3283]

M  [Thr 5200] *** ERROR => MsIAttachEx: NiBufConnect to failed (rc=NIECONN_REFUSED) [msxxi.c      718]

M  [Thr 5200] *** ERROR => LgIAttach: MsAttach (rc=MSENILAYER) [lgxx.c       5189]

M  [Thr 5200] *** WARNING => LgIGroupRereadMs: LgIAttach(rc=-101) [lgxx.c       5338]

M  [Thr 5200] *** ERROR => JRFC> Error jrfc_lg LgGroup failed(-101) [jrfclg.c     384]

M  [Thr 5200] *** ERROR =>       mshost:, msserv: 3600, r_group: AENOR_PBI [jrfclg.c     385]

J  Heap

J   par new generation   reserved 1397760K, committed 1397760K, used 298824K [0x000000007fff0000, 0x00000000d54f0000, 0x00000000d54f0000)

J    eden space 1048320K,  21% used [0x000000007fff0000, 0x000000008d76ccd0, 0x00000000bffb0000)

J    from space 174720K,  44% used [0x00000000bffb0000, 0x00000000c4c056f0, 0x00000000caa50000)

J    to   space 174720K,   0% used [0x00000000caa50000, 0x00000000caa50000, 0x00000000d54f0000)

J   concurrent mark-sweep generation reserved 2796544K, committed 2796544K, used 1124K [0x00000000d54f0000, 0x000000017fff0000, 0x000000017fff0000)

J   concurrent-mark-sweep perm gen reserved 1048576K, committed 1048576K, used 64493K [0x000000017fff0000, 0x00000001bfff0000, 0x00000001bfff0000)

F [Thr 344] Wed Oct 21 17:47:42 2015

F  [Thr 344] *** LOG => SfCJavaVm: exit hook is called. (rc = 2150)

F  ********************************************************************************

F  *** ERROR => Java node 'server0' terminated with exit code 2150.

F  ***

F  *** Please see section 'Java program exit codes'

F  *** in SAP Note 1316652 for additional information and trouble shooting advice.

F  ********************************************************************************

F  [Thr 344] *** LOG => exiting (exitcode 2150, retcode 1).

M  [Thr 344] CCMS: CCMS Monitoring Cleanup finished successfully.

That server with that IP address is the old server... before the system copy.

I already checked the SAP JAVA profiles and some parameters in config tool... but unfortunately I don't know where the Java instance have this IP address... in which parameter or setting... I can´t find it

Can you help me please?

Thank you,


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