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SAP Landscape Hana Readiness

Hi All,

I come here today with a kind of beginners' question, which when answered will benefit a lot of companies planning their Hana Roadmaps.


We've completed two BW landscape migrations to Hana and are currently preparing the next BW landscape which will move to Hana in Q2 next year - so we're pretty experienced in the Hana area and are comfortable with migrating landscapes to Hana.

We're now preparing our Hana Roadmap, the plan for the next 5 years, which systems could potentially be migrated to Hana and when, and how many per year.

So far so good.

And here's the thing, we do SAP Landscape support pack upgrades each year, and since we are preparing the Hana Roadmap, describing which SAP landscapes/systems will migrate to Hana and when over the next 5 years, we want to achieve an extra target with the SAP Landscape upgrades from 2016 onwards, we want to ensure that whatever SP Stack we put on whichever system is the SP Stack which best prepares that system for migrating to Hana.

I mean, we want the SP Stack which SRM will be getting in 2016 to be one which puts our SRM in the best condition for migrating to Hana in one step. And we totally want to avoid the situation from 2016 onwards, that if we choose a system to migrate to Hana we find that before we can migrate we have to Support Stack or Version Upgrade  that system (I know with DMO we can include a Support Stack, and we are very experienced in DMO's and comfortable with successfully executing them, we've done many), but, I would prefer in the DMO migration to go say 2 to 5  SP stacks higher maximum and not do a massive SP stack jump, and I definitely don't want to do a NW Version upgrade in the DMO, this will add too much complexity to an already complex task.

To summarise, for our landscape upgrades from 2016 onwards we want to choose SP Stacks or NW Versions which put the SAP systems in the best ideal position readiness for being migrated to Hana, and avoid that when we choose to migrate a system to Hana we have an intermediate step of a NW Version upgrade or EHP upgrade.

That's the background.

Now the Newby Question:

Despite that we have migrated two BW landscapes to Hana including using DMO and we are preparing the third BW landscape to go in Q2 2016, we have done these on a piecemeal basis. We are now preparing the Hana Roadmap for our SAP landscape and we want to turn migrating to Hana (probably using DMO) into a fine art and executed as a factory over and over because we have a lot of systems to move.

And one of the first steps for preparing the Road Map, and preparing the 2016 Landscape upgrades, is.....

I need to choose which SP Stacks should be the target for every system (eg ECC, BW, CRM, SRM, GTS, EP, CE, PI, SolMan, MDM etc etc every product that we have from the suite), which will put that system in the best state for being migrated to Hana.

As you can imagine like most customers we run a variety of SAP versions across the different products, from CE on NW 7.4 to EP on 7.01 to SRM on 7.1 etc.

I need to find the OSS Note or documentation from SAP which states, for this product, eg SRM, this is the minimum Version/SP Level to make the system Hana Ready for the Hana migration.

Can I find this information ? Not at all.

That was ok for the first three Hana migrations, but now we begin to make a roadmap for the whole landscape, I need to findout for each SAP Product that we have, and their different versions, what version each Product should be taken to to be Hana Ready.


Does SAP have one source of truth, one web page, one OSS Note, one document where it states for each Product from the Suite which Version and SP Level is the minimum required for the system to be migrated to Hana ?

Ok, if there was one OSS Note per Product, the Hana Readiness OSS Note for each Product (SRM CRM ECC etc etc) that would also work.

Anybody any ideas ?

If this doesn't exist, I think we should lobby for it, because it will be valuable to all customers.

On there is the Schedules for Maintenance Delivery - that could be modified to include the Version/SP Stack which makes the Product Hana Ready, there is also the Support Package Schedule which could also be modified to include the Version/SP Stack which makes the Product Hana Ready.

Another question which is confusing me, I have read a lot of OSS Notes over the last few days, and really done my own research, but still I am confused with, Version for Hana, what exactly does Version for Hana mean ? Is that the version you need to install to have the minimum requirement for Hana as the DB, or is that the version you need to upgrade to to have the minimum version for migrating to Hana, or is that the version you need if you want your system to integrate with other Hana db's ? The info in the OSS Notes is very confusing in this respect.

And finally the PAM, the PAM is also confusing and not giving definitive guidance as to which SP Version for a Product is the version which makes the Product either Hana Ready, or the minimum version of the Product required for having Hana as the db.

Let's see if anybody else has faced this challenge (for sure more people will as time goes on) and if anybody knows how to find this information en masse.

Best regards,


p.s. just accidently came across this.,..  if you can find your way in the new Portal to the Product RoadMaps (if you can't find them then logon to get authenticated and then change the url to then navigate to the Portal RoadMap, this document and on page 15 you will see at that bottom that Hana is supported as DB from NW 7.4 SP11 - this is what I am looking for. But if I (and other customers) need to hunt like this it is going to be a painful and expensive task to gather the information for every SAP Product in our portfolios.

p.p.s this Note 1903842 - Suite on HANA product versions not available in SMP seems to be telling us the minimum NW versions for Hana for ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM, but what about the other products ?

p.p.p.s and here's the confusion with Version for Hana, the above OSS Note (in the p.p.s) appears to state that for ERP the minimum version for Hana is EHP7, if that's correct then what exactly is this 1768031 - SAP EHP 6 for SAP ERP 6.0, version for SAP HANA one would have thought, Version for Hana means version supported with Hana as db but the other note contradicts that

p.p.p.p.s for MDM there's this Note which shows the version from which Hana is supported as db...  1973736 - MDM Support for HANA and SAP ASE DBMS


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