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Missing ports in ASE Cockpit

After upgrading from ASE 16.0 SP01 to SP02 PL01 I tried to start the new ASE Cockpit. Cockpit starts but the connection info like "Cockpit Web Console: https://dimotion:4283/cockpit" is missing:


[sybase@dimotion bin]$ ./

Starting Cockpit Server...

---------- SYSTEM INFO ----------

Home Directory:       /opt/ase160/COCKPIT-4

Version:              Cockpit Server 4 SP10

Node:                 dimotion(

Log Message level:    WARN

Platform:              linux

Bitwidth:              64

OS Name:               Linux

OS Version:            3.10.0-229.14.1.el7.x86_64

OS Architecture:       amd64

Available Processors:  6

Total Physical Memory: 19411 MB

Free Physical Memory:  8718 MB

java.library.path:     /opt/ase160/COCKPIT-4/rtlib:/opt/ase160/COCKPIT-4/bin/sa16/linux64/lib64

Java Home:             /opt/ase160/shared/SAPJRE-7_1_027_64BIT

Java Version:          1.7.0_71

Java VM Version:       7.1.027 25.11-b02

VM Process ID          31205@dimotion.sybase.local

VM Arguments:          -Xms128m, -XX:MaxPermSize=128m, -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError, -XX:HeapDumpPath=/opt/ase160/COCKPIT-4/log, -Dcom.sybase.home=/opt/ase160,,, -Dcom.sybase.platform=linux, -Djava.library.path=/opt/ase160/COCKPIT-4/rtlib:/opt/ase160/COCKPIT-4/bin/sa16/linux64/lib64,,,

Type help for more options



A connection with the ASE Cockpit installation is not possible. Displaying the ports I get:


cockpit> info -p

---------- SERVICE PORT CONFIGURATION ----------

Service Name           Property Name                  Current Value   In Use Address

------------           -------------                  -------------   ------ -------

RMI                    port                           4992            true   dimotion

EmbeddedWebContainer   http.port                      4282            false  ANY

EmbeddedWebContainer   https.port                     4283            false  ANY

Tds                    tdsPort                        4998            false  ANY

SccSADataserver        com.sybase.asa.server.port     4638            false  ANY

Messaging              messaging.db.port              4638            false  ANY

Messaging              messaging.port                 4993            false  ANY

Alert                  alert.database.port            4638            false  ANY



All ports are free, because an IQ Cockpit installation runs on the same machine with the identical ports. The agent status also looks OK:


cockpit> status -a

Agent Home:     /opt/ase160/COCKPIT-4

Connection URL: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://dimotion:4992/agent

Status:         RUNNING



The upgrade itself works without any error or message. Am I missing something necessary during the upgrade?

Many thanks


replied to $SYBASE/COCKPIT-4/plugins and look for a directory with the same name as your server instance.  If this folder doesn’t exist, copy the directory ./COCKPIT-4/templates/com.sybase.ase to ./plugins as the servername (e.g. cp $SYBASE/COCKPIT-4/templates/com.sybase.ase $SYBASE/COCKPIT-4/plugins/<servername>) to new instance directory ($SYBASE/COCKPIT-4/plugins/<SERVERNAME>
3.Verify the contents of the agent-plugin.xml file.   If any values are incorrect, modify the contents to match your installation similar to the below (values are for the demo config).  Note that the passwords are encrypted – if you suspect they may be wrong, it is simpler to simply re-encrypt. 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<agent-plugin id="com.sybase.ase" version="16.0.0" name="ASE Agent Plugin" class="" provider-name="SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company" register-on-startup="true" mbean-type="Model MBean" mbean-descriptor="mbean-descriptor.xml" instance="1">

  <dependencies />


    <set-property property="ase.heartbeat.timer" value="10" />

    <set-property property="ase.heartbeat.update.time" value="2015-09-10 19:19:42 +0000" />     <set-property property="ase.home" value="/opt/sybase/ase16sp02/ASE-16_0" />

    <set-property property="ase.interfaces.pathspec" value="/opt/sybase/ase16sp02/interfaces" />

    <set-property property="ase.maintain.connection" value="true" />

    <set-property property="ase.password" value="1-AAAAEgQQsGypPQocKwIzlBSJkHKyOu+99y1ev49M+5K7AnPz2CgqBfuo32kkddSYEIqKE8K0a3UDWZHfvULzwYvKMh7kjA==" />

    <set-property property="ase.port" value="30000" />

    <set-property property="ase.server.log" value="/opt/sybase/ase16sp02/ASE-16_0/install/HADR_1.log" />

    <set-property property="" value="HADR_1" />

    <set-property property="ase.start.command" value="/opt/sybase/ase16sp02/ASE-16_0/install/RUN_HADR_1" />

    <set-property property="ase.user" value="sa" />

    <set-property property="com.sybase.home" value="/opt/sybase/ase16sp02" />

4. If you need to reset the password, $SYBASE/COCKPIT-4/bin
b.execute ./passencrypt
c.when prompted, enter ASE ‘sa’ password (e.g. ‘password’)
d. copy/paste the password into the above
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