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Promotion Planning (Events) not getting saved in Live Cache correctly

Hi APO Gurus,

Need your help in getting resolution to the issue I am getting.

Scenario: We are using two Fiscal Year Variants viz., Z1 and ZW. Z1 is used for planning in Period Buckets and ZW for Weekly bucket.

We have four important Data views:

1) Demand Planning - Periods: All the planning is done with reference to quantity.

2) Demand Planning - Weeks: All the planning is done with reference to quantity.

3) Demand Valuation - Periods: All the planning is done with reference to price

4) Demand Valuation - Weeks: All the planning is done with reference to price

In Demand Planning  - Periods and Weeks data view, we have are having below calculation. Apart from this we have other key figures and calculations but our issue if for the below:

Total Forecast = Base Forecast (Manually Editable Key Figure) + Events (Promotion).

We transfer Total Forecast data from APO to R/3.

When we are entering the data in Promotion Planning in weekly buckets which gets updated in EVENTS keyfigure, the data is fine in Demand Planning  - Periods and Weekly Data view since in this data view we have all the required Keyfigures (Total Forecast, Base Forecast and Events). In this data view we have default macro which Adds up Events and Base Forecast and updated Total Forecasts. Hence, here the Events are updated correctly.

But in Demand Valuation data view, we only have Total Forecast Key figure. Ideally Total Forecast in Demand Planning and Demand Valuation Weekly data should match but this is not happening. Data is Demand Valuation is updated differently. Note: We do not have any issue in any Period Data view (Demand Planning or Demand Valuation).

So there is some issue with updating the data in live cache with reference to the Weekly Data view.

Hope I was able to explain the problem statement.

Can anyone of you please help me in resolving the issue or any workaround we can have correct Total Forecast updated which should match to Demand Planning - Weekly Data view date.

PS: When we save the data manually in Demand Planning Weekly Data view then Demand Valuation Weekly Data view is updated correctly and matches Demand planning Weekly Data view.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Rakesh Wade.

Former Member

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