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Take comma out of year but still keep as date

Hello all!

I am attempting to create a variable which returns Net Commission for a year based on prompt entry. So far I have 3 versions of the formula, none of which are correct...

First version is: =[Net Commission Usd] Where([Year]=Year(ToDate(UserResponse("Enter Sysdate");"M/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss a")))

The issue with this version is that while [Year] may be 2015 for instance, the second half of the equation returns 2,015 thereby making the Net Commission show nulls everywhere since the years dont match.

The other 2 versions are a result of me trying to resolve this issue..

=[Net Commission Usd] Where([Year]=FormatNumber(Year(ToDate(UserResponse("Enter Sysdate");"M/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss a"));"####"))

returns the following error: "The expression or sub-expression at position 35 in the '=' function uses an invalid data type."

which led me to trying

=[Net Commission Usd] Where([Year]=FormatDate(Year(ToDate(UserResponse("Enter Sysdate");"M/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss a"));"yyyy"))

instead since I assumed the issue was with FormatNumber converting the date to a number thereby not matching datatypes with [year] but this returns the error "The expression or sub-expression at position 46 in the 'FormatDate' function uses an invalid data type."

Anyone please advise on how to make this function work?

Former Member
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