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Extend logical Volume lvhanaback HELP

AWS Cloud

SUSE linux server 11 sp3

I have added large 1000GB AWS SSD volume to my SUSE linux hana master on our a 3 node multi-host hana system.

mkfs.xfs /dev/xvdg

fdisk /dev/xvdg

##Added one primary partition of type 8e - LVM

pvcreate /dev/xvdg

vgextend vghanaback /dev/xvdg

lvextend -L+900G /dev/vghanaback/lvhanaback

Using stripesize of last segment 256.00 KiB

  Extending logical volume lvhanaback to 1.36 TiB

  Insufficient suitable allocatable extents for logical volume lvhanaback: 227330 more required

Have tried to use YaST with no success.

Any insight would be great.. Cannot take backups as it is filling volume 100%

lvdisplay /dev/vghanaback/lvhanahback

--- Logical volume ---

  LV Name                /dev/vghanaback/lvhanaback

  VG Name                vghanaback

  LV UUID                l4XUBJ-Kajf-38nU-xJJe-hmfJ-7Uo0-Q16Q0W

  LV Write Access        read/write

  LV Creation host, time imdbmaster, 2015-06-24 15:41:21 +0000

  LV Status              available

  # open                 1

  LV Size                488.00 GiB

  Current LE             124928

  Segments               1

  Allocation             inherit

  Read ahead sectors     auto

  - currently set to     2048

  Block device           253:0


--- Volume group ---

  VG Name               vghanaback

  System ID

  Format                lvm2

  Metadata Areas        3

  Metadata Sequence No  7

  VG Access             read/write

  VG Status             resizable

  MAX LV                0

  Cur LV                1

  Open LV               1

  Max PV                0

  Cur PV                3

  Act PV                3

  VG Size               1.46 TiB

  PE Size               4.00 MiB

  Total PE              383997

  Alloc PE / Size       124928 / 488.00 GiB

  Free  PE / Size       259069 / 1011.99 GiB

  VG UUID               B78ryQ-9t2Y-WmnR-x6Xc-fF2a-tiya-N4akoY

Former Member
Former Member replied

Striped LVM.. NEeded to add two physical volumes for the vmextend to work.

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