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IDM8.0:Custom changes in SAP connector tasks

Hello All,

I have some queries on how to do changes in SAP provided connector tasks under different connector packages in IDM 8.0 .

For example, if I have use case to lock the user in ABAP system when user's Repository Account Privilege(PRIV:<ABAPREPO>:ONLY) is removed in IDM.

Currently, as per SAP standard de-provisioning scenario, it will delete the user in ABAP system.


If I have to do this, I can do it in the following way but I have question for you later below.

1. Go to existing SAP Task 'DeleteUser' and update the pass(or copy existing pass and then update new pass and disable the old pass) to not delete the user but only lock the user in ABAP system.

Screenshots below

Old attributes values for 'DeleteUser' Task.


New attributes values for 'DeleteUser' Task.


Following above step, I can modify the existing standard SAP Task 'DeleteUser'.

2. Another option would be to take a copy of standard SAP Task 'DeleteUser' in the same package -> processes folder or custom folder to a new name (ex. 'DeleteUserCustom' , modify it as per above point 1(screenshot3) and change the value of the attribute 'TASKEXECUTE' to 'DeleteUserCustom' (screenshot3).

As the script 'sap_core_executeplugin' uses uGetRepositoryPackageID() and uGetPackageTaskID() , I see that above steps are the only way to achieve such use cases .


function sap_core_executeplugin(Par) {

    uInfo("sap_core_executeplugin Par = " + Par);

    var mskey = Par.get("MSKEY");

    var PackageID = uGetRepositoryPackageID();

    var TaskName = Par.get("TASKTEXECUTE");

    var executetask = '' + uGetPackageTaskID(PackageID, TaskName);




I do not see any way that I can achieve this without modifying the standard SAP ABAP connector package.


So, my concern is that during future SPs update etc. which require update of standard SAP packages, What will happen to all custom changes done in SAP standard packages ?

How do we handle such situations without re-implementing the changes again ?

Is there a better way to achieve this without touching SAP standard packages ?

We could easily do it in IDM7.2 but somehow does not seems to be possible in IDM8.0.

Looking for expert's advice.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,


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