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Export Crystal to PDF giving ReportSDKException: Can not create temp file error


We have code that we are trying to use which is supposed to pull a Crystal Report and export into a PDF but are having an issue.

QueryHelper q = new QueryHelper(boeHelper);

String strQuery = "Select * from CI_INFOOBJECTS where  SI_CUID='" + strCUId + "'";

IInfoStore infoStore = boeHelper.getInfoStore();

IInfoObjects iInfoObjects = infoStore.query(strQuery);

if (iInfoObjects == null || iInfoObjects.size() == 0) {

  throw new ReportingException("Error getting the report ID from Business Objects");


else {

  IInfoObject iDocObject = (IInfoObject) iInfoObjects.get(0);

  IEnterpriseSession enterpriseSession = boeHelper.getSession();

  IReportAppFactory reportAppFactory = (IReportAppFactory) enterpriseSession.getService("RASReportFactory");

  ReportClientDocument clientDoc = new ReportClientDocument();

        clientDoc = reportAppFactory.openDocument(iDocObject, 0, java.util.Locale.US);

        ByteArrayInputStream byteArrayInputStream = (ByteArrayInputStream) clientDoc.getPrintOutputController()



The Code works fine all the way down to the export line itself.  When that line executes, we get the following error: Can not create temp file---- Error code:-2147215357 [CRSDK00000615] Error code name:internal

We did get another error first: com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.managedreports.ras.internal.ManagedRASException: Cannot open report document. --- File Repository Server error : The authentication credentials do not permit the operation. (FWB 00061)  But I was able to get around this one by setting the appropriate permissions on the folders for downloading an object.

We do have a general class QueryHelper, which is just a wrapper to do the mundane stuff like logon and establish sessions and iinfostore but that works.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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