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I have been working for a while to translate an application I developed from PB classic to .net.  There are a number of struggles because I have not found a good set of documentation.  (I do have access to the Sybase docs, but with versioning differences, upgrades, and Microsoft making wholesale changes to it's operating system frequently, this documentation (PB 11.5) is often out of date.

One of the issues I have had the most trouble with was deploying bitmap image files to the .net application.  I had tried it with and without the path, with relative paths, with absolute paths.  I had tried referencing the image in the pbr (again - with and without path information).  Lets just say I tried a lot of variations.

Finally I was able to get one of my bitmap icons to display, and figured I was on my way.  Turned out I could not get any other icons to display even though they are coded and referenced just the same.  Figuring out it  was not a problem with the Powerbuilder reference to the icon, but the location in which it was stored, I decided to do a system wide search of the icons that did display and did not.

The upshot was that I found the displaying icon in the following path...


None of the other application images are in that location.  But when I copy them over, they of course are then available and displaying in the app.

My questions are...

1. Where can I find documentation on this path?

2. Why would the deploy process deposit one image file, but none of the others?  (OK, The image found is the first referenced by the app.)

3. Is there an upgrade guide to be found anywhere?  (As in, if I was successfully running PB11.5 .net framework 3.0 and IIS 5.0 on a windows XP machine, yet want/need to upgrade to windows 8.1 machine running .net 4.5 and IIS7, is there a guide to the changes or do we have to muddle through to discover how ourselves?)

4. Is viable for the foreseeable future, or is it already known to be limited and I am wasting my time?  What are the limiting factors?  Appeon is not a viable alternative for me - costs far too much.

Thanks all.

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