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Catalog C1 has an invalid Catalog Category C? Error Message

Dear All

I am posting this as I was unable to find answers to the above error message. Previous discussions also didn't help me.

I am faced with a customizing problem which I am finding difficult to understand because of an error. I have a requirement to use categorization schema for complaint processing. I carried out the following customizing:

  1. I created a Y copy of transaction CRMC 'YRMC' and in CRM->Cross Appl. Components->Multilevel Categorization->Assign Transaction Types to Catalog Categories, I assigned YRMC to catalog category C, D and E.
  2. I defined Code Groups and Codes for Catalogs under Catalog C1.
  3. Then I defined Code Group Profiles.
  4. Now it's time to define the Subject Profiles. I choose New Entries, gave my Subject Profile name and choose SubPrfCat. as C (Complaint).Then under 'Code Group Profile for Subject Profile' I entered my Code Group Profile created in Step 3. Then the Catalog field is automatically populated with C1 (Reason, the Key word). Now I get an error that 'Catalog C1 has an invalid Catalog Category C.' I am quite perplexed with this error message. The same happens when I try to assign Code Group Profile to Catalog B1 (Tasks) with reference to SubPrfCat  F (Activity Reason) for creating Knowledge Articles in WEB UI.

I then change the SubPrfCat to A (Service). After this change, I was able to carry on with the customizing without any error.

My question is Why did I get that error? Did I miss some crucial customizing or that it is a bug or a hardcoded programme that does not allow SubPrfCat. as C (Complaint) or F (Activity Reason)?

After this customizing, I Assigned the Subject Profile to my Transaction 'YRMC" under Service Process. I then went to WEB UI and created a Categorization Schema, assigned the Application Area 'Complaint", and assigned my Subject Profile.

The Schema was created, Released. However, it is not active yet. It has already passed the Valid From Time and Date. Why?

When I create a Complaint, I do not see my Schema despite assigning the Subject Profile to the Transaction Type. Is it because the Schema is still under Released Status and is not active yet?

I appreciate your help here.



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