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ABAP CDS view with GROUP BY clause returning duplicates


I'm new to ABAP CDS views  but slowly learning by building up gradually more complex examples.

I've created the following view but it returns duplicate entries for field OPBEL, rather than one record summing the field BETRH. The only difference between the two rows returned for the Doc no. (OPBEL) = '000000510771' is field Item text (OPTXT).

I've tried various combination of key fields and have read that all fields in the SELECT list that aren't aggregated must be included in the GROUP BY clause. So, please can you advise how to best achieve this requirement?



@AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: 'ZV_BUPA'

@EndUserText.label: 'CDS view for business partner transactions'

define view zcdsv_bupa


select from dfkkop as a

inner join but000 as b on

  a.gpart = b.partner


left outer join but021_fs as c on

  a.gpart = c.partner and c.adr_kind = 'HOME' and c.xdfadu = 'X'

left outer join adr2 as d on

  c.addrnumber = d.addrnumber


left outer join but021_fs as e on

  a.gpart = e.partner and e.adr_kind = 'TERM' and e.xdfadu = 'X'

left outer join adr2 as f on

  e.addrnumber = f.addrnumber


left outer join but021_fs as g on

  a.gpart = g.partner and g.adr_kind = 'UONEMAIL' and g.xdfadu = 'X'

left outer join adr6 as h on

  g.addrnumber = h.addrnumber and h.flgdefault = 'X'


left outer join fkkvkp as i on

  a.vkont = i.vkont



  a.gpart as gpart, //Business part.


  case b.bpkind

    when '0003' then concat(b.name_first, b.name_last)

    else b.name_org1

  end as name, //Name

  a.vkont, //Contract acct

  a.opbel, //Doc no.

  a.bldat, //Doc date

  a.budat, //Posting date

  a.faedn, //Due date

  //a.betrh, //Amount

  sum(a.betrh ) as sum_betrh,

  a.blart, //Doc type 

  a.psrecpt, //Beneficiary

  a.optxt, //Item text

  case d.tel_number

    when '' then f.tel_number

    else d.tel_number //Tel. no.

  end as telno,

  h.smtp_addr as email,  //Email

  b.source //Industry code 



where a.augst = '' and a.gpart = '3000000249' and a.opbel = '000000510771'

group by a.gpart, a.augst, b.bpkind, b.name_first, b.name_last, b.name_org1, a.vkont, a.opbel, a.bldat, a.budat, a.faedn, a.blart, a.psrecpt, a.optxt, f.tel_number, d.tel_number, h.smtp_addr, b.source

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