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Approve Requisitions Extension Issue | Controller Extension not working

Hi all,

I am working on a requirement to hide the standard Forward button on the Approve Requisitions application. I have tried 2 approaches

1. Using Eclipse Juno and SAP Fiori Toolkit: I have been able to successfully extend the views and add custom fields. For hiding the Forward button, I have written the following code in the controller extension:

extHookSetHeaderFooterOptions: function(l) {


          //                         // Place your hook implementation code here

                                    var t = this;

                        var l = {

                                    oPositiveAction: {

                                                sI18nBtnTxt: t.resourceBundle.getText("XBUT_APPROVE"),

                                                onBtnPressed: jQuery.proxy(t.openApproveRejectDialog, t, )


                                    oNegativeAction: ,


                                    onBack: jQuery.proxy(function() {

                                                if ( {



                                    }, this)


//                      if (this.extHookSetHeaderFooterOptions) {

//                                  l = this.extHookSetHeaderFooterOptions(l)

            //          }





However, this code is not working and when I observe the Network Tab in the Console, I do not see the S3Custom Controller load, although I do see the S2Custom and S3Custom Views being loaded in the Network Tab.

2. I have also tried the local Web IDE approach, using the same code but havent succeeded. Any idea what could be the problem for the controller not getting loaded.

I tried putting alerts as well, but seems since the controller is not getting loaded I get no alerts.



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