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How to replicate VBRP table (around 2.2 billion records) into HANA?

How to replicate VBRP table (2.2 billion records) into HANA?


Replication stream: Source System – SLT – HANA

DMIS SP06 on Source and SLT systems


The VBRP table is dramatically increasing with time and is the biggest table we replicate into HANA.

We often have to replicate this table in our SLT QA, since we have many Configuration Replications (LTRC) created for Production Support but also for Projects.


As per best practices we try to use Type 5 for this table setting 12 parallel jobs for the initial loads and 12 for the calculation jobs. Sometimes we can manage to set 15, but let stay with 12 for this exercise purpose.


We are often, 90% of times, facing issues in triggering the CALC jobs in parallel to speed up the overall replication for VBRP table. They
just don’t kick off, just one calculation job remains running instead of the 12 calc jobs we have set.


These are the steps we take in preparation for this table replication:


  • Go to IUUC_PRECALC_OBJ and set 12 CALC jobs for VBRP table (2.2 billion /12 around with some buffer 190 million per calc job

  • Go to LTRS -> performance and add the table VBRP to use 12 and Type 5 OR IUUC_PERF_OPTION table  if desired.

  • In LTRC- data provisioning, start the replication for VBRP.

        At this point you can only see ONE Calculation job running in SLT for VBRP.

       We usually wait 1 hour before start the next step


  • In MWBMON->Steps->Calculate AccessPlan we schedule the remaining ELEVEN Calc jobs, ONE is already running


VERY OFTEN the other 11 Calc jobs simply don’t start, we wait for 2 hours, sometimes, we leave overnight and when we check there is still just ONE Calc job running for VBRP.


Does anyone know what is causing the other 11 parallel Calc jobs to NOT start for VBRP tables?

Is there any other way I can do that VBRP replication occur using 12 CALC jobs in parallel and 12 Initial loads in parallel for VBRP table aside the setting I posted above?

It's getting really frustrating to load this VBRP table




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