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Multiple / Dynamic SMTP settings on Adaptive Job Server(s)..?

Pretty sure that the answer to this is NOT CURRENTLY POSSIBLE...but wanted to reach-out to the Community to see if anyone has dealt with this before in a Multi-Node Cluster of SAP BO-BI 4.1 platform.

We are using Multi-Tenancy to Host a number of Different "Client-Tenants" on a shared SAP BO-BI 4.1 platform.

In most cases, the Clients are OK with the e-mail SMTP jobs being handled by the DEFAULT SMTP server that is Set-Up in the E-mail Destination Settings on the AdaptiveJobServer(s).

However, one client requires that all of their Jobs be sent to a Specific SMTP server - and that they are the EXCLUSIVE user of that SMTP connection (ie. ALL of their e-mail traffic goes to that specific SMTP - and ONLY their e-mail traffic goes to that SMTP. Nobody elses.)

There is nothing in the Multi-Tenancy set-up to define AdaptiveJobServer(s) for the Exclusive use of a SINGLE Tenant, so we thought about using ServerGroups - which might be a "Fix", but there is no way to BIND a Tenant to a Specific Server Group - and (it appears) no way to HIDE a Server or ServerGroup from other Tenants so that it is NOT picked-up by Default if the Object is set to the standard "Use the first available server" default setting at the Object-Level.

Anybody seen this issue before - and have a "hard-locked" work-around that doesn't require all our Users to Manually set Server-Group details on Objects when they Load or Schedule them...? (*they really can't be 'trusted' to do that 100% of the time.)

Any suggestions of how to LOCK / DEDICATE the ServerGroup or AdaptiveJobServer SMTP settings to a specific Tenant (or Group) on a shared SAP BO-BI 4.1 platform would be appreciated.

Otherwise, it will become a new entry on SAP IdeaPlace - and/or the Influence Council.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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