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Condition type getting inactive in procedure

Hi SD Guru,

I have a requirement in pricing procedure could you please help me to find
the solution.

It’s a natural Gas industry and the row product in contain 6 component. I have
created a demo procedure for it.

*Requirement is the total price of 6

* Component aggregate price should not be equal to ZCON value.


101          0              ZPPR       1  Price                                                                                                991                              ERL

102          0              ZPNA      2 Price                                                                                                 991

103          0              ZPKE       3 Price                                                                                                 991

104          0              ZPGS       4 Price                                                                                                  991

105          0              ZPHS       5 Price                                                                                                  991

106          0              ZPLS       6 Price                                                                                                   991

180          0              ZCON     component Price                                                                         2                                           ERL

199          0                              ComponentAggregate Price     101          106          X        9                 2    

201          0              ZPPF        Processing Fee                                                                                                                         ERS

202          0              ZPFR       Freight                                                                                     4                                                              ERF

203          0              ZPFP        Freight Premium                                                                                                                      ERF

204          0              ZPFM      Freight Minimum                                                                                                                     ERF

210          0                              Net Value                                                                                   3               2

501          0                              Gross price            

I have maintained the condition type according to above table. But when i maintained the condition type ZCON in the procedure the above condition type are getting inactive. I am unable to fix this issue.

ZCON -condition class is -Price, And all avove condition class are discount.

I am not able to fetch the total to 6 component
price in ZCON condition type. And the ZCON value is automatically added on aggregate
price. How to exclude it.

And the above six condition vale total should be  ZCON value and it will post to accounting. Above six condition type vale should not post to accounting.

Please suggest me some solution and check my procedure is correct or not. If wrong suggest me the correct way.

Former Member
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