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Hi all,
I have several Problem with GET_EXPANDED_ENTITY :
I created a local structure corresponding to my expanded path
* Nested result type
    data: begin of ls_cfg_characteristics.
            include type /sie/cl_ad_iset_con_02_mpc=>ts_configuration.
    data: tocharacteristics type standard table of /sie/cl_ad_iset_con_02_mpc=>ts_characteristic with default key,
          end of ls_cfg_characteristics.
then I collect the data and perform:
        is_data = ls_cfg_characteristics
        cr_data = er_entity ).
er_entity containts the correct data!
Then I add the path to the expandend clauses
      ls_expanded_clause = 'ToCharacteristics/ToValues'.
      append ls_expanded_clause to et_expanded_clauses.
This are the problems
1. The data for the expanded values is not transferred to the response, its just empty
2. I have to use the obsolete table "et_expanded_clause" instead of et_expanded_tech_clause because otherwise the corresponding get_entityset of the entity is been called additionally no matter what I put in the table (lower and uppercase).
I hope anybody can help me.
Thanks in advance.
Br Sebastian
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