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Datawindow print preview truncating large trailers and summary...

I've been able to reproduce this in PowerBuilder Classic 12.6 Build 4035.  This may have been reported at some point, but hard to search on specifics in here.  Any search tips are always welcome!

As topic indicates, datawindow print preview mode is not quite working 100% as it should...  large trailers and summary get cutoff in print preview mode.

To reproduce, simply create a free form datawindow, with your choice of data, where you can create at least 4 groupings or more.  The more groupings you create, the more the problem presents itself.  Expand detail area and all trailers and summary to at least 4 inches EACH.  Retrieve your data.

Datawindow in preview mode in the designer displays your data without a problem..  Scrolling through there, not a problem, you can see all of the detail, trailers and summary.  Now switch over into print preview mode.  One or more of the trailers, and the summary are cut off, and print preview reports only the number of pages that are displaying.  Adding in page numbers will confirm this issue.  When you print the report, it prints out the remaining pages of trailer and summary like it's supposed to.

Now imagine this for a boatload of data...  customers dont want to have to print out to a pdf file first, and "then" view the data.  And we don't want to allow them to switch into normal view mode on the datawindow.  Ya, displaying in normal mode, or print to pdf or to the printer to see the real results is a workaround, but would be nice to fix what's broken.  Otherwise, kinda kills the usefulness of the print preview mode if it doesn't actually preview the way it's going to actually print.

Anyone run across this, or have other suggested workarounds, or fixes I haven't explored yet?

Thanks guys!


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