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Custom details in CTI- Communication Box

We got requirement in IC_Agent business role. In CTI toolbox there 3 boxes one is to display Confirmed account details second is to display user Alerts Third is to display  technical information about the current contact, such as channel, duration, and state. Here we are not using IVR or something so we don't need standard functionality.

In our requirement in Third box(Communication Information) have to display payment details of the confirmed account(Like payment is Active or not).

I found compoent ICCMP_HDR_CNTNT/CommunicationInfoVS, here I could see the blocks. But not sure how can I pass my data to these blocks.

I'm not sure how can achieve my requirement, where to write piece of code.

Is there any class or something that we can enhance and pass our details.

Thanks in Advance,

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Hello Hari,

If it's still relevant.

What can I understand from the discussion are:

1. You do not want to use first box. Which shows confirmed account details. And actually is the most suitable place to show your information (payment details). By the way it's easy to provide the info there. You just need to implement a new class inherited from CL_CRM_IC_CONTEXTAREA and place it into a Class Name field in Context area block of Account Identification profile assigned to your business role.

2. You do not want to use alerts and their alert box which are the second box of the header.

3. You strictly want to show this info in the third box. Communication details box. Which are completely irrelevant to the information you're providing.

So what I'd suggest is to build your own component/view and embed it instead of this Communication details box. Because as far as I understood you do  not actually use CTI integration and do not need any standard information there.

For this (actually this is the same approach which @Sigrid Wieshofer suggested to you referring KBA 2161942 - CRM IC: How to Configure the Layout of an IC business role section 2. Adopt the CRM IC Context Area (IC Header))

1. Create a new BSP component/view in BSP_WD_CMPWB, subscribe to the IC event BP_CONFIRMED ( if_crm_ic_events_con_base=>gc_bpconfirmed) in DO_INIT_CONTEXT method of the view controller, implement IC event handler in the same class (interface IF_CRM_IC_EVENT_LISTENER, method HANDLE_EVENT). On this event populate your data somewhere in this view.

2. Create new layout component in IMG -> CRM -> UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition -> Define Layout Components and put your newly created BSP component/view in there.

3. Create new context area profile (IMG -> CRM -> Interaction Center WebClient -> Basic Functions -> Define Context Area Profile) as a copy of standard one and in Assign Context Area Components assign your newly created Component ID to USAGEEXTRA01 (for example; you can use USAGEEXTRA02 or USAGEEXTRA03 as well).

4. Go to BSP_WD_CMPWB and look at ICCMP_HEADER/HeaderViewSet view. Create new configuration of this view as a copy of standard one with the configuration key of your business role. And replace Communication block with VAEXTRA01 (or VAEXTRA02 or VAEXTRA03 - chosse which one you used in step 3). For this press Show Available Fields and then Show Blocks buttons. Save and you're done.

Hope this will help you.

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