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SQL error "SQL code: 30274" occurred while accessing table "PAKDATBUF".

Hi guys

When accessing transactions VA01 we are experiencing this dump.

Database error text: "SQL message: [ASE Error SQL30274:08S01][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver]Error setting up connection"

I couldnt find any note or even find information about this error. It seems SAP lost connection to Database but couldnt find any reason about this.

Database has no space issues, version is 15.7 SP122

Database error text: SQL message: [ASE Error SQL30274:08S01][SAP][ASE ODBC

Driver]Error setting up connection                                         

Return value of the database layer: "SQL dbsl rc: 99"                       

SAP Release..... 740  

SAP Basis level 0008  

Operating system... Windows NT    

Transaction......... VA01          

Program.............. SAPLPA_SWITCH_EXTENSIONS                        

Screen.............. SAPMV45A                                5003       

The termination occurred in ABAP program "SAPLPA_SWITCH_EXTENSIONS", in   "WRITE_TO_DATABASE". The main program was "SAPMV45A".

Any idea on what this error means would be appreciated.




Hi Stefan/Nicolaas

I have checked log file but only messages I found was saptools database was short of space so I have extended it.

in WP04 trace which is stated in syslog (SM21) its showing also an error setting up connection

C Wed May 20 18:00:10 2015

C  ERROR: -1 in function SQLConnectWithRetry (SQLConnectWithRetry) [line 4774]

C  (30274) [08S01] [SAP][ASE ODBC Driver]Error setting up connection

C  Connection 0 failed using DRIVER={Adaptive Server Enterprise};server=STKAZERPDEV;port=4901;uid=SAPSR3;db=AED;pwd=xxxxxxxxxx;TextS


B  ***LOG BY4=> sql error 30274  performing DEL on table PAKDATBUF [dbdbslst     3697]

B  ***LOG BY0=> [ASE Error SQL30274:08S01][SAP][ASE ODBC Driver]Error setting up connection [dbdbslst     3697]

B  dumping DbDbslStatement ...

B  DBSL_SS(  amode=DBSL_ACC_SL  stmtid_ptr=1ccbffa8 DBSL_STMTID(  typ=0  mod="SAPLPA_SWITCH_EXTENSIONS                "  num=1887550

B  DBSL_DA(  lockType=DBSL_LOCK_DEF  inCnt=1  inMax=1  outCnt=0  outMax=0  bulk_cb=0  state=0  flags=0000000000000000000010000000000

B   IN [ 0]: DBSL_TYPE(  type=DBSL_DATA_SHORT_CHAR(11)  len=4  maxlen=4  decs=0  nullable=false  flags=00000000000000000000000000000

B             ind=0    ptr=7fffdbed1e60    data=c(  2) "X%"

B    - FDA Params:  Level: DbDbslFdaStatusSetByDbsl(1)

B  Idx   Token                  Value


A  ABAP Program SAPLPA_SWITCH_EXTENSIONS                .

A  Source LPA_SWITCH_EXTENSIONSF01                 Line 409.


A  Module  $Id: //bas/742_REL/src/krn/dbi/dbsql/dbdbslstatement.cpp#10 $ SAP.

A  Function DbDbslStatement::handleDbslRc Line 3827.

A  ** RABAX: level LEV_RX_STDERR completed.

Tried to replicate the issue with the functional consultants but It didn't occur again, so not sure what happened

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