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Increase disk space on AWS for SAP CAL system

Dear all,

right now we are making good progress in upgrading our ERP on HANA SAP CAL system to a Simple Finance 2.0 system.

During the upgrade we are a little short on disk space - where can I find a documentation for increasing the AWS disk volume for a SAP CAL System (/dev/mapper/vgcal-sysfiles)?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,



Hello Karsten,

There is no CAL specific knowledge required for resizing this volume.

What you need to know however is that for better performance CAL uses LVM (logical volume manager) in many appliances when setting up the db data, db log and sysfiles volumes.

Here few steps which can be executed without any system downtime:

1. Create new volume in AWS Console - for my test I used 50 GB magnetic one. You need to create the volume in same availability zone where the instance is running - in my case it was us-east-1b

2. Attach the volume to the ERP instance eg. /dev/xvdt

3. Logon to the ERP instance via SSH and execute following commands:

vgextend vgcal /dev/xvdt

lvextend -L +50G /dev/mapper/vgcal-dbdata

xfs_growfs /dev/mapper/vgcal-dbdata

4. to verify if the volume was extended you can run:

df -h


/dev/mapper/vgcal-dbdata235G  135G  151G  57% /hana/data/HDB


Best Regards,


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