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PP heuristic for bottom up qty. planning


We have a requirement where we have a finished product and two component levels under it. Our users want to have the finished product order qty. adjusted based on component qty. changes, along with the times but the qty. as well.


We make a finished product FP1 that is made from a subassembly1 (SA1), which inturn is made from components Solution1(S1) and power1 (P1).

We make solutions and powers in batches, a full tank or half tank etc. but can not make partials.

Some times, we have requirements to make 1000 LB of FP1, which may translate to 1000 LB of SA1, which in turn is made from 500 LB of S1 and 500 LB of P1.

But our batch size for the solutions and powders is multiples of 600 LB. So we need the system to adjust the higher level items accordingly.

Ideal solution is to make 600LB of A1 and 600LB of P1 => 1200 LB of SA1 => 1200 LB of FP1.

We are thinking about following sequence of runs to see which of the PPDS heuristics will satisfy this requirement.

1. SAP_PP_020 -  Start numbering algorithm; to generate low code numbers

2. SAP_PP_SP001 – Planning of standard lots with shelf life ; To generate orders

3. SAP_PP_009  Rescheduling bottom up; to adjust the dates/finished good orders bottom up

But our guess is this is not going to adjust the qty. of finished product, although it is adjusting the order dates as needed.

Could we accomplish this using  SAP_MLO_BU – Multi-level, order related, bottom-up?

Please feel free to correct if there is anything wrong with above sequence or we should be using some other heuristics.

Thanks in advance.

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