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SSFS Key file not being created

Hi All

i recently set up SSFS connection on our SAP Development system: Im able to start the SAP application.


DB:Oracle 11.204

AS ABAP system


R3trans -d output

21> R3trans -d

This is R3trans version 6.24 (release 738 - 06.08.13 - 18:45:00 ).

unicode enabled version

R3trans finished (0000).


We are busy prepering for EHP7 upgrade from EHP5. But SUM is failing in phase PREP_EXTRACT/SSFS_PREP

SSFSP.LOG output

root@system: /oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/log # more SSFSP.LOG

1 ETQ201 Entering upgrade-phase "PREP_EXTRACT/SSFS_PREP" ("20150405181154")

2 ETQ367 Connect variables are set for standard instance access

4 ETQ399 System-nr = '00', GwService = 'sapgw00' Client = '000'

1 ETQ200 Executing actual phase 'PREP_EXTRACT/SSFS_PREP'.

1 ETQ399 Phase arguments:


4 ETQ399 Need to handle SSFS for SUM tools (rsdb_ssfs_connect '1').

4 ETQ399 Initialize SSFS at SUM directory

4 ETQ399 Create directory '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/mem/rsecssfs/data'.

4 ETQ399 Create directory '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/mem/rsecssfs/key'.

2 ETQ399 Creating sub directory '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/mem/rsecssfs/key'.

4 ETQ399 Copy SSFS keystore to SUM directory

1 ETQ399 Copying directory '/sapmnt/SID/global/security/rsecssfs/data' to '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/mem/rsecssfs/data'.

3 ETQ399 Copying file '/sapmnt/SID/global/security/rsecssfs/data/SSFS_SID.DAT'.

1 ETQ399 Copied 1 files to '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/mem/rsecssfs/data'.

1 ETQ399 Copying directory '/sapmnt/SID/global/security/rsecssfs/key' to '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/mem/rsecssfs/key'.

1 ETQ399 Copied 0 files to '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/mem/rsecssfs/key'.

4 ETQ399 Modify SUM SSFS keystore for default key mode

3 ETQ120 20150405181154: PID 25684 execute '/usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/run/rsecssfx <args>...', output written to '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/log/SSFS.ECO'.

3 ETQ123 20150405181155: PID 25684 exited with status 0 (time 1.000 real)

4 ETQ399 Delete key directory '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/mem/rsecssfs/key'.

4 ETQ399 Check database connect via SUM SSFS with SAPup tool call

3 ETQ120 20150405181155: PID 25685 execute '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/bin/SAPuptool dbversion', output written to '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/log/SSFS.E


3 ETQ123 20150405181155: PID 25685 exited with status 20 (time 0.000 real)

1EETQ399 Last error code set is: Process /oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/bin/SAPuptool exited with 20, see '/oracle/SID/SUM/SUM/abap/log/SSFS.ECO' for detai


1EETQ204 Upgrade phase "SSFS_PREP" aborted with severe errors ("20150405181155")


when setting up SSFS

i issued the following command using sidadm

rsecssfx put DB_CONNECT/DEFAULT_DB_USER name -plain

rsecssfx put DB_CONNECT/DEFAULT_DB_PASSWORD <password>

while the file /sapmnt/SID/global/security/rsecssfs/data/SSFS_SID.DAT gets created. the key directory is empty.

Anyone knows how i can get to create the key file or why my file is not being created in the directory /sapmnt/SID/global/security/rsecssfs/key

here is the permission of the two directories

root@system: /sapmnt/NP3/global/security # ll

total 0

drwxr-xr-x   2 SIDadm     sapsys          96 Apr  5 17:25 data

drwxr-xr-x   3 SIDadm     sapsys          96 Jun 20  2010 lib

drwx------   4 SIDadm     sapsys          96 Apr  4 16:21 rsecssfs

root@system: /sapmnt/SID/global/security # cd rsecssfs

root@system: /sapmnt/SID/global/security/rsecssfs # ll

total 0

drwx------   2 SIDadm     sapsys          96 Apr  4 19:38 data

drwx------   2 SIDadm     sapsys          96 Apr  4 16:21 key

I have a feeling SUM is failing because of this.

any assistance will be highly appreciated

thanks in advance



Former Member replied

Hello Steven,

The commands that you mentioned do not generate the key file, they simply store the DB password in an encrypted manner.

You may have missed the creation of the key. Check the points 6, 6.1, 6.2 which are optional in setting up SSFS but may help your cause.

1639578 - SSFS as password storage for primary database connect



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