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Convert Docx to PDF and generate a new contract document version

Hi Experts,

     We try to convert the final contract document docx type conversion become pdf type,and then upload the file to generate a new contract document version.But we encountered the following problems:

     1.We use Jacob to do the type conversion,but the program at the time of new ActiveXComponent is not error termination,but in a server directly use Java operation is no problem.We do not konw the reason.

ActiveXComponent app = null;

        try {

           debugMessage = "Debug:chengxi4:start" ;


            app = new ActiveXComponent("Word.Application");

           debugMessage = "Debug:chengxi4:new ActiveXComponent" ;


            app.setProperty("Visible", false);

            Dispatch docs = app.getProperty("Documents").toDispatch();

            Dispatch doc =,//

                    "Open", //

                    docFilename,// FileName

                    false,// ConfirmConversions

                    true // ReadOnly


     2.We use the following code to generate a new contract document version,but did not success.

public void addAtta(){

//1. get document version

        DocumentVersionIBeanImpl docVersionBean = (DocumentVersionIBeanImpl)doc.getDocVersions().get(0);

        //DocumentVersionIBeanImpl docVersionBean = null;

        //AssociativeCollectionIfc colli = doc.getDocVersions();

        //docVersionBean = (DocumentVersionIBeanImpl) colli.create();

//        AttachmentIfc attachment = docVersionBean.getDoc();

        //2.create empty New Attachment

        AttachmentIfc newAttachment= TypeFactory.createAttachment();

        //3. read file to inputstream

        InputStream is = null;

        try {

            is = new FileInputStream("E:\\usr\\sap\\deve_file\\0000449270.pdf");

        } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {

            // TODO Auto-generated catch block



        //4. get ParentObjectReference

        ParentObjectReferenceIfc parentRef = TypeFactory.createParentObjectReference(doc);

        //5. set context for new attachment

        newAttachment.setFileData("chengxi.pdf", is, parentRef, session);

        //6. set new version




It only covers the last version of the file,and can not save this change.

Please help to answer the following code what the lack or what is wrong,and how to generate a new version of document in clm(SAP Sourcing) system and save.

Former Member
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