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Hello Friends

I've noticed that if I invoke either of FM's DYNP_VALUES_READ & DYNP_VALUES_UPDATE that they do not work during the event At Selection-Screen Output.

The Scenario

I created a class that provides F4 help to the user to open and/or save files either to the file server or on the local machine.  When the user invokes F4 help, the F4 help object already knows which file the user is asking help for.  At this time, the object invokes DYNP_VALUES_READ and pre-populates fields in a dialog box.  When the dialog step is complete, the object invokes DYNP_VALUES_UPDATE to return the values back to the selection screen.

So far so good.

The Problem

We use logical files for files located on the file server.  What I would like to do is pretty much the same thing as above except without the dialog step in between.  In other words, take the screen defaults (i.e. logical file + filename) determine the full path using FILE_GET_NAME and populate the full path on the screen.  If the user wants to change this later, s/he can do so using F4 help.

But when I use DYNP_VALUES_READ during At Selection-Screen Output it doesn't return the current screen parameter values, so I replaced it with FM RS_REFRESH_FROM_SELECTOPTIONS.  This works, but then DYNP_VALUES_UPDATE did not update the screen even though I can see the internal table for DYNPFIELDS is populated.  The function appears to work correctly and SY-SUBRC = 0, but the field is blank.

I know the code works because I invoke the same methods during F4 and this does populate the screen.

Is what I am doing not possible during At Selection-Screen Output?

Former Member
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