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Open HALM on SAP HANA multitenant database containers in SPS 93


How to Open HALM on SAP HANA multitenant database containers in SPS 93.I have tried using Studio but it says "503 Service unavailable"


We have SAP HANA MDC SPS 93.

As od SPS 93 xs Server embedded in index server by default.Also As per SAP Note#2073243

As of SAP HANA SPS 09 Database Revision 93, if you want to transport content to a specific tenant, you cannot call HALM integrated in SAP HANA Studio. The URL that is called is not tenant-specific. You must use HALM directly - using the following URL: <host-SID_of_tenant_database>:<port>/sap/hana/xs/lm/?page=HomeTab.

I have tried different combination but no luck yet.I am not sure what should we use to open HALM for

1) <host-SID_of_tenant_database> :-- Is it the host? or <hostname>-SID like ?

2) port:- Port of the first/second/... tenant detabase?





I got it resolved .Now everything is working fine for me.

You have to Configure HTTP access to multiple containers

1. The internal web dispatcher, which is introduced as a service inside SAP HANA SPS09, accept all HTTP requests and dispatch them to different databases. That's why you'll see in the following part, most configurations take place in webdispatcher.ini.

2. Only index server in tenant database by default

3. For system database, the XS server is embedded in the name server. That's why you cannot find the 'xsengine' service in the landscape.

4. For tenant database, the XS server is embedded in the index server.

Till now HALM was not opening from HANA studio as it was opening with IP address but as per the parameter wdisp/system_0  and wdisp/system_00 above SRCVHOST = FQDN physical hostname.
So HALM opens with FQDN

If you login you can see that it logins to SYSTEMDB@<SID>

To differentiate following parameter should have SID=<TENANT DB SID> ,  EXTSRV =<relevant port> and SRCVHOST = <ALIAS HOSTNAME TO IDENTIFY TENANT DB>

The above hostname provided in the parameter for tenant db = <hostname>-<SID>

To map alias hostname with system database server following were done:

1. Enter alias hostname entry in /etc/hosts file on db server

2. Machine from where HANA studio is accessed should be able to identify this hostname. So put entry in  host file
3. Wdisp parameter for tenant database should have this alias hostname.

Now access the HALM with ALIAS Hostname


Now as shown below it is login with alias hostname and database name shown is Tenant DB unlike SYSTEMDB@<SID> earlier.

How to differentiate whether alias host URL & FQDN of physical hostname is not pointing to the same SYSTEMDB or to separate databases?

1. One way is to open the ide link below for both the URLs

With alias hostname it shows Tenant database name
With FQDN of physical host it shows SYSTEMDB as the database name.

Below link is very useful.



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