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sap.m.ObjectListItem : Press event not working inside a Horizontal Layout

HI Guys,

I am trying to create a Left aligned vertical menu bar, similar to what we see on google playstore. So I am using an image + Object List Item control.

It looks well but the "press" event is not working on the ObjectListItem, though it works fine for the image. Here is what I am doing:

getMenuItems : function(){

  var oImg1 = new sap.ui.commons.Image({

  width : "65px",

  height : "57px",

  tooltip : "All Data Marts",

  src : "WebContent/img/AllMarts.png",

  press : function(oEvent){

            alert("Hello");   ----------------------> This works



  var oMenuItem1 = new sap.m.ObjectListItem({

       title : "All Marts",

       press : function(oEvent){

            alert("Hello"); ------------------------> This does not



  var oMenuLayout = new sap.ui.layout.HorizontalLayout();




  var oView = this.getView();



Any thoughts how I can make it work? or any other ideas how I can create a menu like we see on playstore?

Former Member

You should set the ObjectListItem's "type" property to "Active" (the default value is undefined or Inactive)

Furthermore, you should not mix sap.ui.commons and sap.m libraries; better use sap.m.Image instead

But to get back to your topic, why go through all the hassle and create a horizontal layout with separate image and list items? Why not simply add an icon to your ObjectListItem, and add it to a List instead of directly into a view?

(And if you don't need all the extra goodies an ObjectListItem offers, why not simply use a StandardListItem instead?)

For instance:



      title="All Marts"


      press="handlePress" />


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