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F.13 differences due to exchange rate

Hello all, we have an issue with our "drop ship" postings that cannot clear in F.13.   I think I know the answer but wanted to make sure before I send to my business partner.

Here is the situation:

Customer orders a product which we do not make or inventory.   The sales order creates a PO to our vendor.   Our vendor ships direct to customer and invoices us.  We do a GR and IR.  Then we do a PGI and AR.

When we do the GR it posts to a "shipped not billed" account.   When the AR is done, the off-set to that SNB account is done.   These should match and clear via F.13

The issue is, my plant is GBP.   My vendor is SGD.   My customer is EUR.

The rate from SGD to GBP is 0.48299

The rate from EUR to GBP is 0.78125

Purchase order GR                    26,092.00 SGD               17,432.08 GBP

Sales order AR                           13,181.63 EUR               16,872.51 GBP

"FX Difference"                                                                        559.57 GBP

Business thinks the two should match.  My logic is, since these are two separate documents and two separate currency translations, there is no way to make them match.

Does any one have any ideas?  Or, just confirm my thought??

Many thanks,


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Former Member replied

Hello Cheryl,

You are trying to match completely different document (PO and SO) with different currencies and a vendor who is not a customer. This pose enormous challenge to you.

F.13 clearing takes place for the line items when the balance for the customer invoice and payment; and vendor invoice and payment is zero if they logically belongs to a group through criteria. In your case currency key BSID-WAERS for customers (AccTy: D) or BSIK-WAERS for vendors (AccTy: K) in your OB74, will be considered as additional fixed criteria grouped for the line items selected. They are as important as the default criteria such as ZUONR, and need to have a zero balance.

In short, the program clears only if all the items have the same criteria and the balance is zero. If the balance is not zero, then you can set the tolerances (OBA3/4) as big as you want and assign that tolerance groups to the accounts. You may also set maximum exchange rate difference per company code. If your criteria is matching and set the right tolerance limit, you may rather use F13E since your clearing currencies are different.

Also please look at this option of using F-28 / F-53 for customer / vendor payment Check FBL1N and FBL5N, and use F-32 / F-44 for customer / vendor manual clearing. You may still need to set the tolerance limit.

Also look at the SAP portal for: Clearing Open Items in Foreign Currency - Clearing - SAP Library.



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