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Alive MAP of ASAP

Good day, everyone.

I would like to introduce you my work, it is “alive map of ASAP 8.0” and wait your comments.

There is the start process of creating map. That is why we watch just 1/3 part of deliverable, anyway you can see concept.

My history. When I looked ASAP 8.0, I thought that it is not comfortable; you have to go to SAP SM and preview WBS of ASAP or during work on project. It means you can see packages of works and structure (WBS) just in the system. It is not usability or comfortable, is not it?
I was thinking: What about to do a quick see ASAP implementation?

What will do when system SAP SM unavailable but you have to see roadmap, sequence of activities, accelerators?

I would like to do mapping information, knowledge, books; it is simple for memorization, and quick, comfortable refresh.

I decided create map of ASAP 8.0, and called “alive” because it has a many features for really life.

Basic concept of “alive map of ASAP” consists of a new points/options for official vision (SAP). Frankly speaking, when I deep dived to ASAP 8.0 I got mistakes, wrong numbers of activity packages, a few activities don’t have clearly deliverables, and so on.

What I have done and created?

  1. Assigned color and shape to streams ASAP (ALM, BPM, ISM and so on)
  2. Showing each step of WBS ASAP like a process (block of process) has activities, accountable role, deliverables and accelerators. It look like compact information block
  3. Assigned to each process block individual numbers. After that you can see how many process blocks are had any stream
  4. Attached accelerators to each process block from ASAP

Summary: I have drawn ASAP roadmap on a one list

We have got:

  1. Easy reading and watching ASAP roadmap when you are offline SAP SM
  2. Best memorization and understanding of roadmap ASAP (it would be use during manage project like a quick see list)
  3. Any minutes you have template of documents any process of ASAP
  4. I need your comments; I still have been working at this model and all thing on my way J

Thank you for your feedback

Have a nice day

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