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SAP PI7.11 sap instance is not srarting after the restart


I restarted PI7.11 system and it is not coming up, even there no log files writing on to the work directory.

I can see very few log files, where I can’t fine the exact reason for that,  As this physical server is running with 2 other instances, I initially

suspected it as a memory issue or page file issue. I tried testing like shutting down the other 2 instances and try to start the PI instance

only, however the it is still failing to start.

Please find the attached log files, that to the files in the work directory are not normal, I can only se 2 logs files as  and, which is not normal.

Rest of the log file are missing from the work directory..(dev_dw0….. ,dev_dispatcher,dev_server0…etc)

from the start up log files it says that SAP Instance was started.  when i try R3trans -d it returns with -0000, and says every thing is fine.

Please find the error messages on the work directory.

trc file: "", trc level: 1, release: "720"


[Thr 47730984226480] Thu Feb 19 22:40:15 2015

[Thr 47730984226480] ms/http_max_clients = 500 -> 500

[Thr 47730984226480] MsSSetTrcLog: trc logging active, max size =

52428800 bytes

systemid  390 (AMD/Intel x86_64 with Linux)

relno      7200

patchlevel 0

patchno    428

intno      20020600

make multithreaded, Unicode, 64 bit, optimized

pid        19770

[Thr 47730984226480] ***LOG Q01=> MsSInit, MSStart (Msg Server 1 19770)

[msxxserv_mt. 2285]

[Thr 47730984226480] si_code = 1

[Thr 47730984226480] Sending process ID = 316805160

[Thr 47730984226480] Real user ID of sending process = 0

[Thr 47730984226480] SEGV_MAPERR: Address not mapped to object

[Thr 47730984226480] 12e21028 (Memory location which caused fault)

[Thr 47730984226480] ------------------ C-STACK ----------------------

log  from

trc file: "", trc level: 1, release: "720"


sysno      00

sid        XQI

systemid  390 (AMD/Intel x86_64 with Linux)

relno      7200

patchlevel 0

patchno    435

intno      20020600

make      single threaded, Unicode, 64 bit, optimized

profile /usr/sap/XQI/SYS/profile/XQI_DVEBMGS00_UIFSAP1Q7

pid        19771

kernel runs with dp version 139000(ext=120000) (@(#)


length of sys_adm_ext is 588 bytes

*** ERROR => Shared Memory Key 57 (SHM_PROFILE) already exist [dpxxdisp.c


*** ERROR => dispatcher already running ???? [dpxxdisp.c  1121]

*** ERROR => I better EXIT before I do any (more) damage [dpxxdisp.c  1122]

The above are the log files that i can see from work directory

Thank you and kind Regards,

Phaneendra Kakani

Former Member
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