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Account Maintenance clearing issue

Hi Expert,

Could you please help me on this issue urgently.I am stucked in my work.

My requirement is – If there are some open debit charges and invoices in an account .When payment posted on account it should first clear the invoice line items .

The intent of these changes is to make sure that main 0006 is cleared after mains 0100 and 0150. The only inconsistency I see here is the due date.

I have made SPRO configuration change for this.

Configuration change has been in following path.

SPRO Node: Financial Accounting  Contract Accounts Receivables and Payable  Basic Functions  Open Item Management  Clearing Control  Clearing Variants  Define Clearing Variants

The following changes need to be taken into effect:

  1.   Removal of main 0006 from grouping and clearing strings for the following variants and sequences:
    1.   Variant AM2 Acct Maintenance New
      1. Sequence: 50, 70, 95, & 97

    2.   Variant AM3 Acct Maintenance New-Collective
      1. Sequence: 50, 70, 95, & 97

    3.   Variant PA2 Payment Clearing new
      1. Sequence: 50 & 95

    4.   Variant Z47 All Invoicing Except Final (New)
      1. Sequence: 40, 50, 80,  & 90

It is working fine when payment posted on account the only problem is with Account Maintance T-Code FP06 (when Create proposal is checked .

It is also working as expected when due dates of invoice are in past but this is not working when due dates are in the future dated . as per requirement is it should

  •   Clear overdue periodic bills first
  •   Clear any other overdue charges next
  •   If there is any residual then also clear future dated receivables invoice

Scenario #1

Payment posted on account which is more than overdue receivables amount to verify how SAP will clear residual amount

System proposed to clear all overdue receivables, part of periodic bill, and EE charges

Scenario # 2 :- Checked the same account maintance when due dates of invoices are in the past.

Posted Check payment on the account to verify if check payment behavious differently

Here, Due dates are in past and this is working as expected .

Many Thanks,


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