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Upgrade - Step PARCONV_UPG Long Time Running

Hi guys

During Downtime Phase, step PARCONV_UPG is taking several hours to complete. On the first run lasted 23 hours until cancelled during a Tablespace issue; i have added more space and now its running again but taking several hours to complete

The only job running is  RDDGENBB_0, while the others  RDDGENBB_X, are already finished.

It seems to be converting table BSEG by droping and creating table QCMBSEG, but I,m still clueless if there is a way to speed up the process, parallelize it

Database is Oracle, and BSEG size is around 6TB, so bear in mind that table has a lot of records, but still this behaviour does not seems normal

On a Sandbox upgrade we did a few months ago on the same database, this step only took up 11 minutes.

Job output,

2 EGT054XRequest: Convert "Table BSEG (DDIC/02.02.15/11:05)"

3WEGT062 A restart log already exists for table "BSEG"

4 EGT092 Conversion of table "BSEG" was restarted

2 EGT241 The conversion is continued at step "2"

4 EGT246 Type of conversion: "C" -> "C"

4 EGT850XBeginning of Step "BSEG-STEP2" ( "11:05:34" )

4 EGT281 sql:


4 EDA093 "DDL time(___1):" "....88.437" milliseconds

4 EGT281 sql:


4 EGT231      "('MANDT' VARCHAR2 (000003),"

4 EGT231      "'BUKRS' VARCHAR2 (000004),"

4 EGT231      "'BELNR' VARCHAR2 (000010),"

4 EGT231      "'GJAHR' VARCHAR2 (000004),"


4 EDA093 "DDL time(___1):" ".......178" milliseconds

4 EGT281 sql:


4 EGT231      "DBSYSABBR = 'ORA' AND"


4 EGT231      "INDEXNAME = ' '"

4 EDA093 "DDL time(___2):" ".........1" milliseconds

2 EGT282 Projection view "V_QCMBSEG" was deleted

3 EGT279XProjection view "V_QCMBSEG" for data transfer will be created

4 EGT830XConversion method : "LOAD" ("RADCVSCH")

4 EGT841 Mapping function: "DEF_MAP"

4 EGT818 Commit after at least every "16.777.216" bytes

Any ideas on how to speed up this step?

I have read note 558197 - upgrade hangs in PARCONV_UPG, XPRAS_UPG, SHADOW_IMPORT_UPG2, but i understand this is for older relases of Oracle, and in SUM tool, this script is executed as part of Upgrade




Long Time running was due during SPDD, table BSEG was restored to SAP Standard, and not with customer-specification, causing this conversion as stated in Note 24864 - No conversion of the table BSEG

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