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How to determine low level codes and update planning file entry

Hello Experts:

I need your help with the the following scenario. My questions are related more to planning file entries and low level codes although the business problem itself involves GATP).

1. Sales order for TLA (Top Level Assembly or Finished Product) will get confirmation based on the longest lead time of the component - this will be through MLATP functionality. Suppose that there are two components for FG1 - A and B and B is not available and the checking horizon of B was used for the confirmation of the sales order.

2. The component that was not available earlier (B) has now been received into inventory. Therefore, the sales order that has previously been confirmed late can now potentially get a better date. Note that net change BOP has not run yet for the TLA/Finished Good. Assume that the supply update happened during the day and a nightly BOP has not run yet.

3. . Since there was stock update for B, assume that a planning file entry for the component has been created based on the change in the supply for B. But no entry has been created for the TLA/FG since it is not the stock of the TLA that has been received. If this is not correct, please let me know.

4. Before running net change BOP, what we would like to do is add the TLA/FG to the planning file entry. That is, there should be a different program that should look at the planning file entries. If the product in the planning file entry has a low level code of 1 or greater, then it should add to the planning file entry all products at the FG level that has this product as a component.


1. Am I correct in saying  that the low level code information (level) for the component that was added can be obtained in the planning file entry itself?

2. How to find out the TLA/FGs that have this product (B in this case) as a component? This is not the low level code  that one gets from transaction /SAPAPO/SNPLLC correct? This will determine the distribution related low level codes for SNP Heuristics which is not the one that we need here.

3. If we run a stage numbering algorithm heuristic in PP/DS, how to get the results of the stage numbering algorithm? Is the result of the stage numbering algorithm persisted anywhere (I would think that it will be).

3. Any tips (dos and don'ts) about adding entries to the planning entry file?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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