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Di Server Invalid database type dst_MSSQL2014

Hi All,

I'm trying to connect to SQL 2014 using the v9.1 PL04 DI Server. However I am getting an invalid database type message returned from the DI Server. I am using the value dst_MSSQL2014 which is the value used in the DI API which works successfully.

For all previous SQL versions the value passed to the DI Server exactly mirrors that of the BoServerTypes enumeration value name. It would appear as if this is not the case for SQL 2014. Can anyone tell me what the value should be?

Below is the login request that I am sending to the DI Server and the response that I am receiving.

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">


          <Login xmlns="">

               <DatabaseServer xmlns="">SAPv9DOT1TEST</DatabaseServer>

               <DatabaseName xmlns="">SBODEMOGB</DatabaseName>

               <DatabaseType xmlns="">MSSQL_2014</DatabaseType>

               <DatabaseUsername xmlns="">sa</DatabaseUsername>

               <DatabasePassword xmlns="">Pa55w0rd</DatabasePassword>

               <CompanyUsername xmlns="">manager</CompanyUsername>

               <CompanyPassword xmlns="">reganam</CompanyPassword>

               <Language xmlns="">ln_English</Language>

               <LicenseServer xmlns="">sapv9dot1test:30000</LicenseServer>




<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">










                    <env:Text xml:lang="en">Invalid database type</env:Text>














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