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Hi guys,

I'm using the " BAPI_COPAACTUALS_POSTCOSTDATA" to create some CO-PA documents, but I have an issue with the "Group currency" values.

Even after checking if the 2 SAP notes (1066394 - Group currency is not transferred in FI postings (FBB1)  and 604936 - No transfer of group currency for FI/MM postings) are implemented, I still get the same issue.

If the CO-PA documents are created standard, the group currency values are calculated correctly with the correct rate.

When passing the values to the '10' - Company code currency, line item, the BAPI should calculate the correct values for the 'B0' - Profit area currency line item. more precisely the rate is not the standard one, but one from a few months ago.

I could post all the code here but there are more than 36 fields passed to the function . But if needed I will post them. I could start with the most obvious ones:

ls_inputdata-fieldname  = 'PALEDGER'.

ls_inputdata-value      = '10'.

APPEND ls_inputdata TO lt_inputdata.

ls_inputdata-fieldname  = 'VV900'.

ls_inputdata-value      = '100'.

ls_inputdata-currency   = 'RON'.

APPEND ls_inputdata TO lt_inputdata.

ls_fieldlist-fieldname = 'PALEDGER'.

APPEND ls_fieldlist TO lt_fieldlist.

ls_fieldlist-fieldname  = 'VV900'.

APPEND ls_fieldlist TO lt_fieldlist.



           operatingconcern = '10RO'

           testrun          = ''


           inputdata        = lt_inputdata

           fieldlist        = lt_fieldlist

           return           = lt_return.

I get no error and the documents are created, but the 'B0" values are not correct.

Any ideas ?

Thank you in advance,


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