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How to fetch ST_POINTS from table?


Have created a column in a table, using datatype st_point. And inserted the latitude and longitude values accordingly:

create column table Geo (LL_POINT ST_POINT(4326));

insert into Geo values ( new ST_POINT(13.091517,80.2922916));

insert into Geo values (new ST_POINT(13.0831568,80.2827644));

Now, how to select a particular latitude and longitude record from the Geo table?

Because I can able to fetch the records using:

select LL_POINT.ST_AsWKT()  from schema.Geo;

But unable to retrive particulare records using below spatial funtions, which gives error

select LL_POINT.ST_AsWKT()  from schema.Geo where LL_POINT.ST_Contains( new ST_POINT(13.091517,80.2922916)) ) = 1;


Could not execute 'select LL_POINT.ST_AsWKT()  from schema.Geo where LL_POINT.ST_Contains( new ...' in 3 ms 323 µs .

SAP DBTech JDBC: [7]: feature not supported: Unsupported function: st_within() on the round earth Spatial Reference System: 4326 at function st_contains()

Thanks in advance!!

Former Member
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