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Characteristic Restriction

Dear Experts,

We are using DS 1.3.

As following, In our application there is One dimension filter and 2 List box.  My requirement is to make one list boxes that has to updated based on Dimension filter selection/non-selection.

In Filter On Apply coding is as follows :

Result :

--> Country List - DS_3 is showing all values in List Box by default when nothing selected in Dimension Filter Country - - DS_2

--> RBU(State List) - - DS_3 is also showing all values in List Box by default when nothing selected in Dimension Filter Country - - DS_2


I have removed RBU(State List) and tried displaying State List for the corresponding Country List in one ListBox Country List. It was displaying both

RBU(State List) and Country List in one ListBox Country List here there is confusion about which state belong to which country as it is displaying in One List Box.

Tried So far:

  1. Create a separate query with only the country list and the RBU list. Also set a characteristic restriction on the country list using a variable (preferably one with multiple options):
  2. In the onApply() event of the dimension filter, use the following syntax to set filters and limit the list boxes:

  1. APPLICATION.setVariableValueExt("<technical name of variable in new query>", DS_2.getFilterExt("<technical name of country dimension>")); 
  2. LISTBOX_1.setItems(DS_3.getMemberList("<technical name of country dimension>", MemberPresentation.INTERNAL_KEY, MemberDisplay.TEXT, 50)); 
  3. LISTBOX_1.setItems(DS_3.getMemberList("<technical name of state dimension>", MemberPresentation.INTERNAL_KEY, MemberDisplay.TEXT, 50));

In the above code, assume that:

  • DS_2 is the data source used the Dimension filter
  • DS_3 is the data source containing the newly created query with the variable restriction on country
  • LISTBOX_1 displays the list of countries

Thanks in advance.


- Dinya.

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