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Live cache upgrade errors


We are doing an upgrade on APO 4.1 to SCM 7.0 EHP2

We reached a phase where we had to upgrade the Live Cache and its client.

After the upgrade was done to 7.9 there are several errors in LC10.

@0S\QInformation Message@ IGS is not available (RC=1). No charts will be displayed.

@8O\QException@ LCA+ Exception CX_DBA_ADBC in class CL_SDB_ADBC method DBM_EXECUTE line 82 / RC=ADBC error

@5C\QError Message@ LCA SQL not possible

From DB59,

1 DBSL Library Availability @01\QTest successful@

2 Client Software Availability @01\QTest successful@

3 Execute an external operating system command (DBMCLI) @01\QTest successful@

4 Determine status using SQL connection @02\QAn error has occurred@

4 RC:        0 @02\QAn error has occurred@

4 Please check with SM50 the following work process:  4 @02\QAn error has occurred@

5 Test the SQL connection (Native SQL at CON_NAME) @02\QAn error has occurred@

5 sql_neg: no_connection @02\QAn error has occurred@

5 Error creating a secondary database connection @02\QAn error has occurred@

5 Set up of a secondary connection to the database system failed. It is possible that the data required for setting up the connect @02\QAn error has occurred@

5 SQL code: @02\QAn error has occurred@

5 o shared library found for the database with ID LCA @02\QAn error has occurred@

5 Please check with SM50 the following work process:  4 @02\QAn error has occurred@

DBM commands,

lcsadm@apo-l-lcs-02 % dbmcli inst_enum

OK    /sapdb/LCS/db

lcsadm@apo-l-lcs-02 % dbmcli db_enum


LCS    /sapdb/LCS/db                      fast    running

LCS    /sapdb/LCS/db                      quick  offline

LCS    /sapdb/LCS/db                      slow    offline

LCS    /sapdb/LCS/db                      test    offline

lcsadm@apo-l-lcs-02 % xinstinfo LCS

IndepData          : /sapdb/data

IndepPrograms      : /sapdb/programs

InstallationPath    : /sapdb/LCS/db

Kernelversion      : KERNEL    7.9.07  BUILD 009-123-242-971

Rundirectory        : /sapdb/data/wrk/LCS 10:51

lcsadm@apo-l-lcs-02 % dbmcli -d LCS -u control,consdbaz db_state




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