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Enhancements for a multiple client development scenario

Hi altogether,

in my current project we have the situation that development is done in client A while testing with test data is in client B on the same machine. A little bit weird (customizing may be available in A as well to ease development), but I can't help it. To ease the ADT experience in such a situation, I have some thoughts I would like to share with you.

  • As already stated in Client number in tab header of editorĀ  it would be an improvement to see the client number in the editor tab to easily find the development and test environment source code. A dream would be something like an association between projects and switching between the development and test client with Ctrl-Tab (like switching between header and source in CDT).
  • Additionally, it would be an improvement to have an automatic refresh if the debugger hits a breakpoint. If I develop in client A and have an already active breakpoint in B without closing the tab of B after a debugging session, then change A and hit the breakpoint in B again, the old source is displayed and I need to refresh. The ABAP Debugger in SAP GUI always displays the current code on breakpoint hits, would be nice, if ADT would show the same behavior.

Additionally, it would be nice if the indentation would indent correctly on e.g. DATA: statements: The ADT aligns with the first D of DATA instead of the first letter of the following declaration.

I will add entries to this discussion if some other things come into my mind during the development with ADT. Keep up the good work guys, it is real fun to overcome the limitations of the SAP GUI ABAP editor with this tool!


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