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UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018 - Input schedule

We are on BPC 10 NW Sp16 and we had to change the hierarchy of few Accounts from H2 to H3.  When I change hierarchy and base members, we are encountering the below issue.

When I am trying to build an Input Schedule using the above accounts after changing the hierarachy and after selcting the Accounts in reports and when I click OK i am getting the below error.

Bad request.

Server message:

severity: error
description: MDX statement error: Value 8191110 /CPMB/NZDEP0Z for characteristic /CPMB/NZDEP0Z unknown
log id: w3ar8{Ec7kIFbfBaHruDDm
DATAVALUE:Value 8191110 /CPMB/NZDEP0Z for characteristic /CPMB/NZDEP0Z unknown
MDX: WITH  MEMBER [Measures].[YTD] AS 'IIF(([/CPMB/NZDEP0Z                 PARENTH3].[2/CPMB/ACCTYPE]="INC" OR [/CPMB/NZDEP0Z                 PARENTH3].[2/CPMB/ACCTYPE]="LEQ"),-([Measures].[/CPMB/SDATA], CLOSINGPERIOD([/CPMB/NZDC4C2                 PARENTH1].[LEVEL02])), ([Measures].[/CPMB/SDATA], CLOSINGPERIOD([/CPMB/NZDC4C2                 PARENTH1].[LEVEL02])))' SOLVE_ORDER=3  SELECT NON EMPTY  {[/CPMB/NZDEP0Z                 PARENTH3].[1591200                         /CPMB/NZDEP0Z] ,[/CPMB/NZDEP0Z                 PARENTH3].[8191110                         /CPMB/NZDEP0Z] } ON 0  from  [/CPMB/NZMZKFT/!!O/CPMB/NZMZKFT]  WHERE ( [Measures].[YTD] ,[/CPMB/NZDVPDC                 PARENTH1].[A1000                           /CPMB/NZDVPDC] ,[/CPMB/NZDCP6E                 PARENTH1].[C2005] ,[/CPMB/NZDYNCE].[NO_CONS] ,[/CPMB/NZD4NQZ].[LOC] ,[/CPMB/NZDOBIC                 PARENTH1].[K98] ,[/CPMB/NZD14H6                 PARENTH1].[F999] ,[/CPMB/NZDO64U                 PARENTH1].[I_C9903                         /CPMB/NZDO64U] ,[/CPMB/NZDXT9W                 PARENTH1].[M10                             /CPMB/NZDXT9W] ,[/CPMB/NZDM7QJ                 PARENTH1].[P23                             /CPMB/NZDM7QJ] ,[/CPMB/NZD7P9E].[001] ,[/CPMB/NZDC4C2                 PARENTH1].[2014.06] )
V1:Value 8191110 /CPMB/NZDEP0Z for characteristic /CP
V2:MB/NZDEP0Z unknown


Framework message:
The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

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