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sapcpe exited with 4

I apologize for starting a new thread on this. I have seen multiple threads on this but the recommended
solutions haven't worked for me. Using SUM 1.0 SP 11 to upgrade Solution Manager 7.1 SPS 4 to SPS 11 on IBM-AIX and encountered below issues.

I've followed steps in note 1828915 - Upgrade stops in MOD_INSTNR_PRE phase and adjusted the ownership of some files from root to <sid>adm but when I go to resume the upgrade, the same message appears. In the logs ../SUM/abap/log/ it complains about the same files

The files adjusted were in /usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run which links to /sapmnt/S1P/exe/...

Any thoughts?



3 ETQ399 Reading profile parameters from '/usr/sap/S1P/sum/SUM/abap/log/S1P_DVEBMGS00_S1PCI.PPR'.

3 ETQ399 Retrieved profile value 'DIR_CT_RUN' as '/usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run'. 3 ETQ399 Kernel is replicated from /usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run.

3 ETQ399 Replicating kernel to '/usr/sap/S1P/DVEBMGS00/exe'.

3 ETQ120 20140912091240: PID 19005658 execute '/usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe pf=/sapmnt/S1P/profile/S1P_DVEBMGS00_s1pci', output written to '/usr/sap/S1P/sum/SUM/abap/log/SAPCPESTD.OUT'.

3 ETQ122 20140912091247: PID 19005658 exited with status 4 (time: 7.000/0.030/0.584 real/usr/sys)

1EETQ399 Last error code set is: Process /usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe exited with 4, see '/usr/sap/S1P/sum/SUM/abap/log/SAPCPESTD.OUT' for details

1EETQ204 Upgrade phase "MOD_INSTNR_PRE" aborted with severe errors ("20140912091247")


ActualizeLocalFile: sapstack,


*** WARNING: ActualizeLocalFile: there is a problem to copybecause uid ofis 0

, 2, No such file or directory, [sapxxcpe.c:2444]

*** WARNING: ActualizeLocalFile: sapcpe skip copying, because it is not able to set the right file mode to the target file

, 2, No such file or directory, [sapxxcpe.c:2445]

*** WARNING: ActualizeLocalFile: copytowith root permissions

, 2, No such file or directory, [sapxxcpe.c:2446]


SAPup> Starting subprocess with PID 19005658 in phase 'MOD_INSTNR_PRE' at 20140912091240

    ENV: DIR_LIBRARY=/usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run

    ENV: JAVA_HOME=/usr/sap/S1P/DVEBMGS92/exe/sapjvm_4

    ENV: LIBPATH=/usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run:/usr/sap/S1P/sum/SUM/jvm/jre/lib/ppc64/server:/usr/sap/S1P/sum/SUM/jvm/jre/lib/ppc64:/usr/sap/S1P/sum/SUM/jvm/jre/../lib/ppc64:/usr/sap/S1P/sum/SUM/jvm/jre/lib/ppc64/jli:/usr/sap/S1P/sum/SUM/jvm/jre/../lib/ppc64/jli:/usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/uc/rs6000_64:/oracle/client/11x_64/instantclient


    ENV: ORACLE_BASE=/oracle

    ENV: ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/S1P/112_64


    ENV: PATH=/usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run:/oracle/S1P/112_64/bin:/usr/sap/S1P/DVEBMGS92/exe/sapjvm_4/bin:/usr/bin:/etc:/usr/sbin:/usr/ucb:/usr/bin/X11:/sbin:/usr/java5/jre/bin:/usr/java5/bin:/usr/es/sbin/cluster:/usr/sbin/cluster:/usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities:/usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/uc/rs6000_64:/home/s1padm:.

    ENV: SAPDATA_HOME=/oracle/S1P


    ENV: dbms_type=ORA

    ENV: dbs_ora_schema=SAPSR3

    ENV: dbs_ora_tnsname=S1P

EXECUTING /usr/sap/S1P/SYS/exe/run/sapcpe pf=/sapmnt/S1P/profile/S1P_DVEBMGS00_s1pci

SAPup> Process with PID 19005658 terminated with status 4 at 20140912091247!

Former Member

Same do for chown -rf as stated in note.

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