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What's something you resisted to adapt to but are now glad you did?

Hi All

I'm having to do a heap of data analysis and it got me thinking that for all the change I inflict on others I am guilty of digging my heels in and refusing to change when I need to.

What brought this up is good ol' Microsoft Excel. I remember when the new versions came out I would always switch back to the old style tool bars. They took up less screen space and I knew where they all were! Then in 2007 (or 2010?) I could no longer switch back to my smaller, more familiar buttons - I had no choice but to change. As a result I was frustrated (threw a tantrum) every time I went to use Excel or I tried to my best to rely on my memory of shortcut keys.

Eventually, I embraced change when I realised that the newer version allowed more line items; filtering on colour; and delete duplicates in one step (previously i was using advance filter for unique records and then copying to a new sheet). These three enhancements are making life a heap easier right now sift through all this data.. I shake my head at myself for not adapting sooner. And in hindsight, if I had know these benefits sooner I might have avoided a few close calls of throwing my laptop to the room a few times.

So my question to the fellow procrastinators, what tool (or anything in life) did you resist the newer version but since finally embracing change realise life got a little bit easier and wonder why you didn't adapt sooner?



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