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Hi gurus,

I have an issue.

I'm using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_CHECK, to verify a document before posting. The document needs to have the BKPF-XMWST filled with the value "X".

I've created 2 enhancements for both ACC_DOCUMENT and I added the code:

METHOD if_ex_acc_document~change.

       LOOP AT c_accit INTO wa_accit WHERE mwskz IS NOT INITIAL.

         wa_accit-xmwst = 'X'.

         MODIFY c_accit FROM wa_accit INDEX sy-tabix TRANSPORTING xmwst.




but the resulting document doesn't have the 3rd line (the tax item) and I get no error message (the document is created).

Is there something I'm missing or did I do something wrong?




Hi Max,

Found the problem.

The above code is still active.

Here is how my FI document should look like.

And the tables are like this:

2 line in  GL accounts 37102 and 37803

1 line in Account Tax 442802

3 lines in Currency amount

Here is the code to it:

ls_accountgl-itemno_acc   1.

ls_accountgl-gl_account   = '0037102000'.

ls_accountgl-de_cre_ind   = 'S'.

APPEND ls_accountgl TO lt_accountgl.

ls_accountgl-itemno_acc   2.

ls_accountgl-gl_account   = '0037803000'.

ls_accountgl-tax_code      = 'BA'.

ls_accountgl-de_cre_ind   = 'H'.

APPEND ls_accountgl TO lt_accountgl.

ls_accounttax-itemno_acc        = 3.

ls_accounttax-tax_code          = 'BA'.

ls_accounttax-gl_account       = '0044280200'.

ls_accounttax-acct_key          = 'MWS'.

ls_accounttax-cond_key          = 'MWAS'.

APPEND ls_accounttax TO lt_accounttax.

ls_currencyamount-itemno_acc    = 1.

ls_currencyamount-currency      = 'RON'.

ls_currencyamount-amt_doccur    = 1.24.

APPEND ls_currencyamount TO lt_currencyamount.

ls_currencyamount-itemno_acc    = 2.

ls_currencyamount-currency      = 'RON'.

ls_currencyamount-amt_doccur    = -1.

APPEND ls_currencyamount TO lt_currencyamount.

ls_currencyamount-itemno_acc    = 3.

ls_currencyamount-currency      = 'RON'.

ls_currencyamount-amt_doccur    = -0.24.

ls_currencyamount-amt_base      = -1.

APPEND ls_currencyamount TO lt_currencyamount.


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