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logon method configuration on Inventory Manager 4.0

Hi guys,

If I need to configure the inevntory manager 4.0 app logon_method as USER_AUTH_GLOBAL, the only thing I need to put on the javaBE.ini is the communication user (global) and password on the referenced section? ... and another question....if is a pool connection for log on to the application what user should I used to enter to the application itself and perform the transmit? I'm a little confused... I'm wondering if this log on method is like I have one user on the backend for connection purpose and several user on the mobile devices different from backen's user???...

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I am assuming you will have one Agentry server for Central Warehouse (it will have its own JavaBE.ini), one server for Store1 (it has it's own JavaBE.ini) and once server for Store2 (has it's own JavaBE.ini)?  Each area (Central Warehouse, Store1 and Store2) will have their own mobile devices right (each devices will not connect to the other stores)?  So if I have a mobile device in a store (ex: Target or Walmart) in my town, those devices will not be used in the Central warehouse, right? The manager is not roaming to the different stores (like a district manager and carrying the same device to all the stores and central warehouse)?

So you will have:

UserA -> Central Warehouse (10 pooled connection active) - up to 10 devices (has its own server + its own javaBE.ini + 1 global user = warehouse)

UserB -> Store 1 (5 pooled connections active) - up to 5 devices (has its own server + its own javaBE.ini + 1 global user = store1)

User C - Store  2 (5 pooled connection active) - up to 5 devices (has its own server + its own javaBE.ini + 1 global user = store2)

If you need to make each user to be unique then you need to authenticate base on user instead of global (in your test case it may only be that you have 2 mobile users as well as 2 SAP backend users - 1 for the manager and one for the user) but you may get already connected to the server if more than 1 of that user is already logged in.  Again this is a very special case and may require testing (I have not played with global setting in production nor I have data from production environment to compare).

This is how I am reading your statement above.

Again I have not played with User_auth_global but I guess if you have different servers and javaBE.ini then you will be okay.

This is how I am reading it.



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