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Debit memo Condition record exists (removed manually) MWBO Italy

Currently I am working on an Italian pricing issue.

Pricing V/08

Cond     Description            Fr. To. P  Req. Calc. BasT.                           

LCIT     VAT license Italy      900     S  33   37 

MWST     Output Tax                     S  10         904

BOLL     Bollo in Fattura       900     S       903   26

MWBO Bollo in Fat   924     S  924  903   26

The requirments, calculation type and are all based on SAP notes regarding the LCIT, BOLL. eg. 715399 and 593672

The main requirement here is that 924 is only to activate the MWBO condition in the invoice.

This means that for a normal order (TAN) item the LCIT, MWST and BOLL is shown. If we create a delivery - invoice, the pricing in the invoice shows LCIT, MWST, BOLL and MWBO. This is correct. MWBO is a tax condition.

But if we create a debit memo request the behavior is different and would appreciate some insight.

Debit memo request created, LCIT, MWST and BOLL is shown (as expected). MWBO not shown due to requirement, that's correct.

But when I create a debit memo from this one, the LCIT, MWST, BOLL are shown. If I go into the pricing analysis then I see that the condition record for MWBO has been found but with message: Condition record exists (removed manually). Saving the document does not trigger it afterwards.

I have looked on OSS (example note 859876) to determine the cause of not triggering it.

We are not using the user exits for these conditons in example: user_exit_pricing_prepare_tkomp, user_exit_pricing_prepare_tkomk, mv45afzz or rv60afzz.

The standard copy control of L2N to the invoice is set to D. If I change this for example to G (copy unchanged, redetermine taxes), then it works. But not sure if this causes disturbtion of the regular behavior of the L2N.

In best case I would only do the G pricing type for the MWBO condition so I do not disturb the existing process. Any suggestions? I know there is RV61AFZA for manipulating the pricing type (in case you want to have user defined pricing type eg. Y). But this can not be handled per condition type, or is that possible?

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