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Use of different fiscal year variant in leading&non leading ledgers and Asset closing&Reporting


Need one clarification on using different fiscal year variants for Leading(0L)&non Leading(NL) Ledgers and impact on Fixed Asset Accounting.If I use say V6(Jan2013-Dec2013) for Leading Ledger and April2013-March2014 for non leading Ledger,(local GAAP)-please clarify the following.

1.Does Asset Accounting gives all standard reports as expected in both(Leading&Locals) the Depreciation areas?Do we need to any settings specially for in the above scenario?(I am assuming point#4 given below may not help for this as system gives an error if both the fiscal year variants have different start&end dates)

2.How is Year end in Asset Accounting handled?If I close the year end in Asset Accounting for Company Code as per Leading Ledger i.e say by Dec 2013,can I still post the asset entries in non leading ledger?Because Financial year for Leading ledger will be 2014 and non leading will be still 2013(in Jan2014).

3.I am aware SAP has some restrictions way back in 2005-2007 (SAP note 844029) for different fiscal year variants in Leading&Non Leading Ledgers,Does SAP come out with any solution later?

4.What is the exact use of the settings at  Asset Accounting>>Valuation>>>Fiscal year>>Fiscal year variants  at company code level or Depreciation area level?My understanding here is,they are not meant for using different fiscal year variant with different start&end dates but they are meant for using different fiscal year variant with same START&END DATES  and have different number of posting periods i.e 1 can have 12 and other can have 13.

Please can you give your comments?




Hi Hinfi,

It seems standard SAP does not manage different fiscal year variants (at least with different start/end dates) in different depreciation areas.

However, they came up with an add-on solution called Multiple Calendar Tool and based on a mirroring solution that synchronizes asset transactions in a mirror company code.

It's all explained in following notes:

Note 1175751 - Project solution for alternative fiscal year variant

Note 1636025 - Asset acctg multi calendar tool 1.0_ SP Note

Note 1658489 - Installation of Asset acctg multi calendar 1.0 software

Note 1658714 - Asset acctg multi calendar tool_ Overview Note

Note 1691481 - Release strategy_ Asset acctg multi calendar tool

Note 1951069 - Different fiscal year variants in General Ledger Accounting (New) (NewGL) under the new Asset Accounting (FIN_AA_PARALLEL_VAL)

I don't know if it's commonly used and personnaly have no feedback on it. I was curious to check how to manage a depreciation area 01 posted in a leading ledger in US GAAP (FYV january to december) and another depreciation posted in a non leading ledger in Indian GAAP (FYV april to march).



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