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SAP allow multiple login at a same time in development client ?

In my company they are disable multiple log in in development client. i want to ask you that it is possible to log in two users with one development id at same time.

is SAP allow multipal login at a same time.


Hi Jay,

I apologize if my previous answer was confusing.  Whether or not multiple simultaneous logins to the same user ID are allowed is controlled via profile settings, not by SAP the vendor.  So, your system administrator (Basis) has control over this.  The profile setting in question, usually found in either the default or instance profile, is login/disable_multi_gui_login.  By default, this parameter is turned off, i.e. set to 0, so multiple logins are allowed.  Setting it to 1 will prevent multiple logins.  This has nothing to do with whether the system is production, development, test, etc.

The other part of my answer was why an organization (through the system administrator) might choose to enable this parameter and thus disallow multiple simultaneous logins to the same user ID.  This has to do with licensing and the terms of your organization's license contract with SAP.  Generally, usage of the same user ID by different people is against the terms of the contract.  It has to do with the concept of named user.  SAP charges license and maintenance fees based upon the number of named users in the system.  If multiple people use the same user ID, it defeats the audit.  So, one way to help ensure this doesn't happen is for the annual license audit, which most customers are required by SAP to perform, to check to see if the same account logs in from multiple locations at the same time.  If this happens, it is flagged in the audit, and if it happens a lot then your organization may get a call from your account representative at SAP.

To prevent this from happening, and thus avoid audit issues, organizations generally choose to disable multiple simultaneous logins in production through setting the parameter I mentioned earlier.  However, it's often considered not a big deal in test systems, so the parameter may or may not be set there.  In fact, for testing purposes, it's often not set, so that the testing group doesn't have to manage as many test user IDs.  Test accounts are not considered as countable against the license in the audit.

In development systems, you might allow this as well for unit test IDs, but your developers and analyst/configurators are still required to have their own unique IDs and not share them.  This is especially true with developers who hold an SSCR key, or developer key, and use the ABAP workbench, as most license contracts charge an additional amount for this kind of usage.  Developers are expensive, in other words.  So, organizations will want to ensure that their developer user IDs are not being shared and reused by different people by likewise preventing simultaneous logins in the development system.  This is a choice made by each organization, however, and not something mandated from SAP.

That said, you might disallow multiple logins, but still want to allow test users to be shared.  You can do this with the parameter login/multi_login_users.  This is what Jann was talking about earlier.

I hope this is more clear.



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