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Query Panel not opening in WebI on BEx query

We're working with an Embedded Analytics scenario where we call a WebI based on a BEx query (on a Transient Provider) via OpenDocument url in a NWBC Side Panel. Lots of different technologies, I know.

So, we have a "simple" InfoSet on ECC (created via SQ02 as an ABAP program sending results to a structure). This InfoSet has been released for BI, meaning that we can "approach" it via BI tools and thus becomes a so-called "Transient Provider" (or analytical index depending on which documentation you read).

Next we defined a BEx query on top of that Transient InfoProvider. It merely shows 4 key figures for 1 variable (on shipment number).

On top of that BEx query I have made a WebI report.

So far, so good. This all (finally) works fine in our DEV environment.

Upon setting up (transporting & manually activating where necessary) our Embedded Analytics scenario in QAS, we bumped into some issue. The (hopefully) last one standing is: we cannot create a WebI on our BEx query in QAS. Since we only have 1 BO system (ECC has the normal 3-tier layout), we decided to recreate the WebI (it's a very basic one anyways - for now that is). When we try to create a new Document (on the BEx connection), we can select our BEx query, but then... nothing happens. In the "overview" of BEx based reports we now have an "empty" entry with a time stamp.

I have found a few posts here describing similar behavior, but they were all for a "traditional" scenario (BO on top of BW). We don't work with InfoObjects in our scenario (they're just ECC fields), so we don't have hierarchies which could explain (super) long waiting times. I have already changed my variable from mandatory to optional, but that doesn't seem to change anything.

Next I added a default value to my variable, doesn't seem to help either.

The query runs fine in RSRT even with ABAP BICS as display. In the latter, when I try to "select" a value for shipment via the drop-down (F4), I do get a short dump


Upon checking in the Service Marketplace it seems the issue should be solved for our (Embedded) BW system.

We're on:

  • ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 6
  • (Embedded) BW 7.31 SP06
  • (BI Content 747 & BI Content Extension 747)
  • (SAP Business Suite Foundation - 731 SP06)
  • BO 4.0 SP7 Patch4 (14.0.7 Build 1243)

Does anyone have any clue or suggestions?

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